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Many seniors eventually decide to move out of their home or apartment and into a nursing home or smaller house; such as a one bedroom condo. Moving for anyone can be stressful, but it can be particularly stressful for seniors. In many cases, the senior is leaving the home they have had for years to relocated to a smaller and easier to keep up with unit in an elderly housing complex or moving to an assisted living community. Hiring a professional and experienced 1 bedroom moving company in Philadelphia, PA can help alleviate that stress and make the move go as smooth as possible.

Many extended families do not realize what is often involved in the packing and moving for their elderly loved one, sorting through years of possessions, trying to downsize to a smaller home, packing everything up, moving them, and then unpacking all the boxes at the new location. Trying to get all of this done, while often working full-time and running their own homes can really ramp up the stress that everyone feels over the move. This is also often a very emotional time for everyone, as well.

If you are in this position, avoid the stress, the time crunch, the possible damaged items, and the potential pulled back or other injuries and hire a moving company Philadelphia, PA families trust to help manage your elderly loved ones move. Our compassionate and skilled movers have extensive experience working with senior citizens and their families and understand the many issues your family may be dealing with at this time. Whether you are moving from a large home into a one bedroom, or a one bedroom house into a smaller one bedroom condo, please call our 1 bedroom moving company in Philadelphia, PA to learn more about our services. 

Some of the benefits that seniors and their families will find when working with Surburban Solutions include the following:

  •       At our Philadelphia, PA 1 bedroom moving company, all of our staff is professional trained to provide our customers the utmost in service and to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  •       Our company can provide all the necessary packing materials you need to pack up your loved one’s home. We also offer packing services, where our employees will ensure all of your valuables are safe and protected for your move – whether it is across town or across the country.
  •       We also offer unpacking services to help your elderly loved one get organized in their new home. Packing and unpacking takes much of the stress off families, as well as helping to make the transition for your loved one easier.
  •       Our company is fully insured to protect our customer’s belongings during the move.
  •       Because our company has extensive experience moving senior citizens, our management team understands the procedures and other policies that many of the Philadelphia assisted living communities, elderly housing complexes, and nursing homes have.
  •       If circumstances arise that require an emergency move, Suburban Solutions can work with your family to provide the help you need. We understand there are many serious issues that can come up with dealing with seniors and our company is here to help.

For more information and assistance in helping your elderly loved one move into a smaller home, call a 1 bedroom moving company from Suburban Solutions in Philadelphia, PA today.