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When you hire apartment movers in West Chester, PA, you expect your belongings to get from Point A to Point B safely, and without being damaged. However, accidents do happen. When they do, you may want to know what steps you can take to recover your losses. At Suburban Solutions, this is a common concern for people who are looking for trusted apartment movers in West Chester, PA. We understand how much your belongings mean to you and do our best to ensure their safety. To help ease any concerns you might have beforehand, consider these tips. If you have any further questions about our moving company Philadelphia, PA community members recommend, call Suburban Solutions. 

3 Steps to Take After Mover Damage Your Stuff

You’ve picked up your new keys and are settling in to your new home when you discover it: Some of your belongings have been damaged in the move. This unpleasant scenario is something that happens to a small number of people. What can you do? If you’ve made a move and found treasured belongings have been damaged, learn more about what your next steps should be.

Common Types of Moving Damage

Moving interstate or even just a few miles away exposes your belongings to bumpy roads, erratic drivers, and other risks that can leave things scratched, dented and even destroyed. Some of the most common items damaged in a move include:

  • electronics
  • lamps
  • furniture with sharp edges
  • antiques

If these or any other belongings of yours are damaged during your move, it’s important to know what steps to take and when to take them. Keep in mind one of the best ways to keep your belongings safe is to entrust apartment movers in West Chester, PA to pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings for you. 

Document the Damage

As soon as you discover damaged or missing goods, point it out. Your apartment movers in West Chester, PA, will provide an inventory or a bill of lading where you can note missing or damaged items. You can still file a claim without such a notation, but it’s often easiest to do right away, when things are fresh in your mind. It can also help make your claim stronger and increase your odds of getting reimbursed.

Don’t Throw Things Away

It’s instinctive to toss out damaged goods but keeping them can be critical to making your case. Don’t trash them or fix them until your apartment movers in West Chester, PA has had a chance to inspect them and document any damage for themselves. If items are dangerous, such as broken glass and mirrors, place them in a safe place away from pets and children. Only in extreme situations should goods be trashed, and only after you’ve taken thorough photos.

File a Claim Properly

Telling the delivery crew about any damaged goods is not enough. Instead, contact your moving agent as soon as possible and explain your concerns. Ask for official paperwork to file a claim. In general, you typically have nine months to file a claim, but the sooner you do it, the better your chances of being reimbursed quickly so you can replace your belongings. Expect a claims adjuster to come to your home to inspect your goods before making any reimbursement offer.

Even with a high-quality apartment movers in West Chester, PA mistakes can happen. Fortunately, you have options. Understand the process and you’ll be prepared to get the money you deserve should the worst happen with your move. To learn more about the claims process or our full coverage insurance options, call Suburban Solutions now.