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Apartment Moving Company Bucks County Many of us consider our pets as family members, so when planning a move, it is important to make sure our pets are kept as comfortable and safe as possible during this process. At the Bucks County, Pennsylvania apartment moving company Suburban Solutions, we’re pet lovers too and offer the following tips to help make the transition easier for your fur babies.

Pack an overnight bag for your pet: Just as we suggest that all human members of the family have an overnight bag packed for the first night in your new home (including pajamas, change of clothes, toiletries, etc.), you should also have one for your pet. In addition to any food and medication your pet needs, it is also important to pack their favorite toys, blanket, and any other items that will help them feel secure in their new home.

Keep your pet away from the movers: Moving day can be chaotic and this can cause an animal to get stressed out. It is a good idea to see if there is a friend or pet daycare center that your pet can stay with for the day. Having a pet run around while the move is taking place puts the animal at risk of getting hurt. They may also react negatively to strange people taking property out of the home (the movers from the moving company Bucks County provides!). There is also the risk of the pet running away if they become too stressed or frightened. If you do have to keep your pet with you for the day, keep it in an empty room with the door closed until you are ready to go to the new home and then do the same there as the movers from a Bucks County apartment moving company unload your items.

When it comes to driving to the new home, your pet will likely feel more secure and comfortable if they are in the vehicle with you and not someone else. After all, they will be confused as to what is going on and may be overwhelmed if they are transported by someone other than a family member. If you are moving far from your current home, make sure to plan ahead with any hotels/motels you will be stopping at to see if they are pet-friendly.

Once you have settled into your new home, make sure to update your pet’s identification tags with your new address and contact information in case of an emergency. If you are going to be moving too far to continue to see your current vet, make sure to get a recommendation from them for a new vet in your new neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to get a copy of your pet’s medical records and any prescription medications they need to take transferred.

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