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When a couple decides to move in together, it is an exciting – and also stressful – time. Before beginning this process, there are several factors that the couple should consider and make decisions about, from whether or not to consult with an attorney, to drawing up a cohabitation agreement, or to what color the bathroom should be painted. Of course not all situations involve such major decisions. For example, you and your significant other might be recently graduated and are ready to move into an apartment. Rather than asking yourselves about cohabitation agreements, you might be wondering whether or not to hire an apartment moving company in Philadelphia, PA. Suburban Solutions can make this move a lot easier, and take the weight off your shoulders  no pun intended! If you would like to learn more about our Philadelphia, PA apartment moving company, please give us a call now. 

 The following tips can help a couple make that transition from dating to living together with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Keep track of finances: Moving can be expensive, making it even more important to discuss finances and money with your significant other before the two of you sign a lease. It is critical for a couple to be able to calmly discuss finances, so this is a good first test. In addition to determining how much rent the two of you can afford, you also must determine how much should be spent on utilities and other household expenses. There are several smartphone apps that can actually help with those calculations, as well as budgeting your money. If both of you agree to hire a moving company Philadelphia, PA community members prefer, be sure to ask in advance what this will cost you. 

Decide who will help the two of you move: Family and friends may be more than happy to help the two of you move out of your current residences and into you new home, but the truth it that moving is a lot of work, especially when you are virtually making two moves. Hiring an apartment moving company in Philadelphia, PA can not only save you time and backbreaking work, but in the long run, it does not end up being that much more expensive compared to DIY moves. For example, after you calculate the cost of renting a moving truck, the cost of food and drink for all your friends helping, and the cost of the inevitable items that get damaged or broken because your friends – although wonderful for helping – are not a professional apartment moving company in Philadelphia, PA.

Figure out what items you will both be bringing to your new home: Chances are that if you and your significant other currently have your own homes, or otherwise space, there will be a lot of duplicate household items. How many toasters or coffee makers do you really need? Both of you should make an inventory list of the items in your homes and sit down to decide who will be bringing what to your new home.

Decide on what type of décor you want: It is unlikely that both you and your significant other have the same taste in home décor. Since this will be home for both of you, it is not only fun but important that both of you decorate your new home together in styles and colors that you will both be happy with.

The decision to move in together is definitely a big decision for a couple but sitting down and working through the details can help make the move a much easier one.

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