A Brief Intro to Suburban Solutions Philadelphia

A Brief Intro to Suburban Solutions Philadelphia

In April 2014, Suburban Solutions expanded to take care of customers’ moving needs in Philadelphia and its surrounding 5 counties. Located in the Philadelphia suburb of Havertown, this is the company’s third corporate location to open since it began in Washington DC in 2009.  The Havertown Branch is continuing Suburban Solutions’ well-established passion for excellence and history of trust.

“In this business, reputation is everything,” says Co-Owner Patrick McNichol about his experience opening the Havertown location with Co-Owner Kevin Murphy. The two opened their Suburban Solutions office with just themselves to call employees and two moving trucks. Two years later and Murphy’s and McNichol’s “2 guys, two trucks” branch of Suburban Solutions has already grown to a 17 employee operation, including 2 additional office managers. Now, says Murphy, they put each of their five trucks to use almost daily, and their business and reputation is ever growing. They have moved customers all over the country, as far as Seattle, California, Florida, and Texas. The Sub Solv Express, in which they move a 1 bedroom apartment in 1 day anywhere between New York City and Washington DC, is further evidence of the growth and success of Suburban Solutions’ newest branch.

suburban solutions - our crew getting the trucks ready for the day, Best Movers in all of Philadelphia!

Our crew getting the trucks ready for the day, Best Movers in all of Philadelphia!

The Philadelphia location’s growth is in large part due to Suburban Solutions’ professionalism as well as the level of customer service associated with a smaller company. As the heads of a quickly growing business location, McNichol and Murphy get to be “significantly more picky” when hiring new employees, only taking on 5%-10% of interviewees so as to have the most trustworthy workforce possible. In Murphy’s words, “We’d rather do less work with the right people than take on more jobs with the wrong people”. In training their new hires, Murphy and McNichol emphasize the importance of systems and processes when moving clients so as to maintain a consistent, high quality performance from one customer to another.

Additionally, Suburban Solutions does its best to establish a feeling of community among its employees, encouraging them to “HUSTLE”, which stands for: Honest, Show up on time, be Thankful, Lead by example, and Enthusiastic. McNichol and Murphy even incentivize and reward their movers with a trip to Florida to see the Phillies’ spring training if the team can achieve 100 5-star Yelp reviews by the end of the year! McNichol and Murphy feel the Philadelphia area is unique from a hiring perspective because they have found so many hard working team players to join their staff. At the end of the day, the success of Suburban Solutions depends on the employee’s’ ability to make customers happy and to provide them with excellent, stress free, above-and-beyond customer service.

Some additional services that Suburban Solutions provides include packing and junk removal. “This allows us to be a one stop shop for our clients’ relocation needs,” says Murphy. “We pack as much or as little as our customers want.” Similarly, Suburban Solutions’ junk removal service can range from removing one piece of furniture to cleaning out an entire house depending on the customer’s needs. Since September 2016, the Philadelphia location has been expanding the junk removal service in particular so as to continue to improve and grow as a business.

suburban solutions - This is Maverick catching a Business Persons Special at a Phillies game in 2016

This is Maverick catching a Business Persons Special at a Phillies game in 2016

One of the advantages of choosing Suburban Solutions is the extra effort and attention to detail that larger moving companies lack. Moving can be a stressful and emotionally taxing time for anyone, and movers at Suburban Solutions don’t hesitate to stay until the job is finished, no matter if that means staying later than anticipated or moving things that have been overlooked or mistakenly left off an invoice. “We want our guys to pretend they’re moving their mother,” says McNichol. By treating customers like family, Suburban Solutions’ strives to humanize the business of moving so that it is a calm, enjoyable process.