Declutter your home for The Holidays!

Declutter your home for The Holidays!

With the holidays coming soon, its that time of year – time to declutter your home of junk! Whether you have old items you want to donate, an attic or garage that needs clearing out, or old furniture to get rid of, here are some tips to help you organize your decluttering process before the new year:


Since your household will be taking in a lot of new stuff in the form of holiday gifts, take the time before the holidays to go through old clothes and books. Get yourself in the holiday spirit by donating clothes you don;t wear anymore and books you won’t read again!moving havertown, movers havertown, junk removal broomall, junk hauling, best moving company, cheap junk removal, cheap movers, reliable movers, long distance moving

Another option for books you don’t need are book swapping websites like

Old computers and other electronics are also always good items to donate. If you’re not sure what electronics you have could be reusable to someone in need, call a junk removal service like Suburban Solutions, who will remove your junk and determine for you what can be donated!


Before you get busy shopping this time of year, do a sweep throughout your house for old magazines and newspapers and even old appliances from your kitchen. Suburban Solutions can take these off your hands and recycle them if they cant be donated.

Organizing Clutter

It might be helpful to make a list of what decluttering you intend to do before the end of the year, or simply to tackle this project room by room. Do you have junk piling up in your guest bedroom?junk removal, junk hauling philaelphia, junk havertown, moving company philadelphia, best movers, best moving company

Is your garage or attic stuffed with old furniture and clutter? It might be easier to go to these areas of the house and sort through what you want to keep, then call a junk removal service to take the rest! Suburban Solutions will take anything from general junk to debris, hot tubs, and old electronics. They will donate and recycle anything they can and give you information to claim a tax deduction!