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Commercial Movers Springfield, VA

Commercial Movers Springfield, VA

Commercial Movers Springfield, VAThere are so many things that need to be addressed in a move that it is inevitable that some things will be overlooked, even if you have lists for your lists! At Suburban Solutions, our commercial movers in Springfield, Virginia understand just how stressful moving can be and do all we can to help alleviate that stress for our customers. The following are some of the most common forgotten things that people forget when they are moving. For more tips and to find out how we can help with your move, call our office today.

Don’t forget to cancel memberships: Many people wait until after they move to cancel their gym memberships or other dues-paying activities. Our movers Springfield, VA offers know that the problem in waiting until after the move is that there are so many things to do to get settled, that canceling those memberships often get overlooked for a couple of months, if not longer. A lot of businesses also require a 30-day notice to cancel. Try to address cancellations before you move and that way you won’t spend any more money than you have to.

Don’t forget to get personal records. Everyone in your family has their own doctor, dentist, and other medical providers. If you are moving to a location where you will need to find new providers, don’t forget to either physically pick up the files yourself or make arrangements to have them transferred. Including your pets’ medical records! If you have children, you will also need to do this with their school records if they will be attending a new school. And at least one week before your move, make sure to notify the post office of your address change, as well as any government entities that should have your address on file.

Don’t forget to safely pack hardware and other odds and ends items: If you have special hardware that goes with items that you are taking with you, don’t forget to remove from walls, etc. Take the items and put them in plastic bags and label what they go with. Our Springfield, VA will be extra cautious when moving items with hardware taped to the back, however, it may be a good idea to pack these items separately. 

Don’t forget to leave items for the new owner/tenant: Many people move and forget to leave the keys, especially special keys that aren’t used all the time, like to the shed. And if you have remote control garage door openers, don’t forget to take them out of your vehicle and leave them – and your security code – for the new residents moving in. 

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If your family is planning a move, you need skilled and experienced commercial movers Springfield, VA clients recommend. Call Suburban Solutions today to find out how we can help you have a successful move without hidden costs and fees.