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Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VA

Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VA

Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VAMoving a business is a lot different than moving a residence. Instead of moving a few people, you are suddenly responsible for moving dozens and dozens of people, which can feel overwhelming. The following tips will help make your move go easier. For more information, contact the Woodbridge, Virginia commercial movers from Suburban Solutions.

Plan Early

When it comes to moving a business, it is never too early to start the planning process. The sooner you decide what had to be done, who will be responsible for what tasks, how these tasks will get done, and when they will get done the better off your company move will be. Without a solid plan in place, you may find that everyone is scrambling around the last minute trying to get everything done.

In addition to organizing packing everything up at the current location, you will also want to have a plan as to where everything will go at the new location. Using blueprint plans can help you decide how and where everything will be set up, as well as figure out if there are any issues that may need to be addressed before the move.

Choose Someone as the Moving Manager

Even if many people will be pitching in on the move, you should still have one person overseeing it all. This person can make sure that everyone involved is doing what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it, as well as handle any unexpected issues that the move presents. Having a moving manager to oversee the tasks that need to be done, as well as work with your Woodbridge, VA commercial movers, will ensure things go smoother.  

Research Commercial Movers in Woodbridge, VA

Not all moving companies can handle commercial moves. Ask other business professionals you know for recommendations, conduct online research, and choose at least three professional moving companies for estimates before choosing one. Make sure these companies are licensed. Commercial moves can become very expensive because of the amount of property that needs to be moved. You want to make sure that the company sends a representative to your location to see exactly what needs to be moved in order to get a more accurate estimate. Avoid Woodbridge, VA commercial movers that want to give you this information over the phone or online.

Make Sure Each Employee Is Responsible for Their Own Desk/Area

Even though you are hiring a moving company to move your business, having each employee responsible for packing up their own desk area. Have a deadline where everyone needs to have this completed by so there is no last-minute chaos trying to get it done when you are ready to move.

Make Arrangements for IT Equipment

The most complicated part of a company’s move is usually moving all of the technical equipment. All of the servers, computers, office machinery, phones, and more need to be disconnected at the current location and set up at the new place. Your IT department should have a plan in place ahead of time since this is not something movers Woodbridge, VA offers can handle.

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