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Commercial Movers Springfield, VA

Commercial Movers Springfield, VA

How Binding Is a Moving Service Estimate? Commercial Movers Springfield, VA

If you are thinking of enlisting commercial movers in Springfield, Virginia, you will probably want to get an estimate for how much the service will cost in advance. It can be incredibly convenient to know what to expect. However, there is nothing worse than expecting to pay a certain price and getting a bill for much, much more. A common question people have about moving services is about how an estimate may compare to the actual bill. It is a good idea to know what your rights are before hiring a moving service so you will have no surprises along the way.

The Two Types of Estimates

There is a very simple answer to the question of whether Springfield, VA commercial movers are required to bill you for the price they estimated. It depends on which kind of estimate they provided. There are two types of estimates:

  • Binding estimates
  • Non-binding estimates

Just as the names imply, movers Springfield, VA provides are only required to bill a client for the same amount as their estimate if it was a binding estimate. If it was a non-binding estimate, then the exact price will depend on the services rendered. If the work is slightly more or less than they were expecting, then the bill may be higher or lower than the estimate. Obviously, binding estimates are more appealing because clients can plan their expenses easier, and they have legal backing if the estimate is different than the bill.

For this reason, many Springfield, VA commercial movers offer binding estimates to attract more customers. However, many other movers choose to only offer non-binding estimates to avoid losses if the job turns out to be bigger than expected.

Additionally, a binding estimate will only apply to work evaluated during the estimate. If you spring any additional work on them the day of, expect the bill to be increased.

Other Notes

Importantly, every estimate is required to state clearly whether it is binding or non-binding. An important step during the planning process is confirming which type of estimate you received. If it does not state which kind it is, be sure to ask. Also, if commercial movers Springfield, VA offers calls it an “estimate,” then it must be in writing. A verbal estimate does not carry any legal weight, even if they called it a binding estimate. It is important to know all your rights before hiring a mover, but luckily the issue of how binding an estimate is can be one of the simplest parts of the entire process. Contact Suburban Solutions today!