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Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VA

Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VA

Is Your Moving Company Responsible for Item Damage? Four Questions To Ask Yourself Commercial Movers Woodbridge, VA

Moving can be a stressful experience, whether you have relocated before or are doing so for the first time. Packing, organizing, and deciding what to toss or donate can take time and thought, and preparing valuable or treasured items for transport may be of particular importance to you. If you hire Woodbridge, Virginia commercial movers and discover that any of your belongings were damaged, there are several questions to ask yourself about who is responsible before you try to take legal action.

  1. How Were the Items Damaged?

One factor to consider in regard to responsibility is how your items were damaged. Were boxes dropped while they were being placed on the truck? Did they fall over inside the truck during transport? Did anyone see these events happen? If there were witnesses, ask them to write down an account of what they saw. Realizing how your belongings were damaged and when can be important when it comes to proving a court case in the future.

  1. Who Packed the Items?

Packing items properly can help protect them from being broken or damaged as moving trucks travel over rough roads. However, if glasses or other items break during transport, it is important to consider who packed up the boxes. If you did the packing yourself, you may not have much recourse when it comes to filing a suit for damages. If the Woodbridge, VA commercial movers packed your boxes, take photos of your most important items beforehand to prove they were not damaged before the boxing process began.

  1. What Liability Documents Were Signed?

If your belongings were broken during transport, review your contract with the Woodbridge, VA commercial movers. Depending on the liability clause, you may have signed away your rights to compensation in case of damage. While there might be legal exceptions to a contract, most written and signed documents are binding in court, and you will likely need an attorney to help you with your case.

  1. How Can an Attorney Assist Me?

If you believe that Woodbridge, VA commercial movers damaged your belongings and the workers did your packing, then contacting an attorney may be a wise choice. These cases can be difficult to prove, especially if no one saw the damage occur. Talking with an experienced attorney can help you understand what recourse you have, how strong your case is and what you can do to recover your losses.

Moving can be a difficult event, especially when you discover that some of your belongings have been damaged after you unpack. Avoid these headaches and contact the commercial movers Woodbridge, VA residents recommend from Suburban Solutions.