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Commercial Moving Companies Washington DC

Commercial Moving Companies Washington DC

Commercial Moving Companies Washington DCOne of the most common issues that come up for many companies planning a commercial move is that the final cost ends up being much more than the initial quote provided. This is often due to hidden costs Washington DC commercial moving companies do not explain to the clients. Working with a professional and trustworthy commercial moving company like Suburban Solutions will help eliminate the surprise of hidden costs.

The following are some of the common factors that could end up driving up your final cost if the commercial moving company does not explain them ahead of time

Packing Supplies and Equipment

If clients are paying Washington DC commercial moving companies they hire to pack up their offices, there may be a separate fee for the supplies and equipment they use. Make sure the company clarifies whether the price they are quoting for packing also includes any items used for packing. If it is a separate cost, you may want to purchase your own supplies if that would be more cost-effective.

Large or Heavy Items

In a residential move, when a commercial moving company gives you a quote, it is usually for just the normal household items. Any items that are larger or heavier that may be more difficult to move usually have a surcharge involved. For example, most Washington DC commercial moving companies charge extra to move a piano. The same holds true for company moves. If you have any equipment or furniture that is extra weight or large, there could be a surcharge. Make sure to point these items out to the mover when you are getting a quote to make verify what extra costs there may be.

Elevator or Stairs

Moving companies Washington DC offers may also charge extra if there are elevators or stairs that they will have to contend with during your move. This can make moving more difficult and take longer to maneuver through. Make sure your moving company is aware of how many stairs they will need to navigate so they can let you know of any extra charges that could be possible.

Assembly and Disassembly

If you have items that will need to be taken apart and then put together again, this results in an extended moving time. Many commercial moving companies in Washington DC charge a disassemble and assemble fee that they do not inform customers about upfront. To save money, many companies will have their employees take apart furniture before the move.

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