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One of the most necessary – and breakable – items that people have in their home or office is electronics. When a person or company is moving, electronic items will need special care in the way they are packed and transported or else risk being damaged. Many offices, and companies, have computers, printers, copy machines, tablets, televisions, stereo equipment, and other electronic equipment that all need that special attention in a move. If you are getting ready to move your company to a new location, consider the following steps when you are packing up your electronics for a move. In the event that you would prefer to leave this task to the professionals, call a commercial moving company in Philadelphia, PA like Suburban Solutions.

The first thing you want to do with each item is check the product manual you received and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for packing and storing the item. If you no longer have the manual, the manufacturer should have instructions available on their website.

When you purchase an electronic item, it is always a good idea to save the box and packing materials that it came in to use in the event you move. If you did not save the items, you will want to have a strong box for each item, bubble wrap or newspaper to wrap the item in, scissors, tape, and a marker to label each box. As a commercial moving company in Philadelphia, PA, we find that most companies do not have the original boxes. In this case, we can provide all the right sizes you will need to move your electronic items. 

It is also a good idea to use different color stickers for the cords of the devices. Many of these devices have multiple cords, such as a stereo system. Place the same color sticker on the cord and where that cord is connected to the device. This will make it much easier when you are in your new office and reassembling these items. If you forgot that you will need to reassemble all of your electronics, be sure to ask our moving company Philadelphia, PA residents rely on about our reassembly solutions.  It is also a good idea to make a list of the components in each box so you will know what parts go with what device during reassembly.

One important note is to make sure to check the temperature your items will be in during the move. Many electronics are temperature-sensitive and extreme heat or extreme cold can cause damage to the device.This is especially true for office equipment that may involve magnets or certain liquids. If you’re not sure whether this is applicable to your company, ask our staff from our commercial moving company in Philadelphia, PA. 

When wrapping your electronic devices, it can be helpful to wrap them in clean paper or linen to help keep down the amount of dust that could get inside the item. Make sure to use wrapping tape to ensure that the box you put the device is completely sealed. You can also cover the electronics with light blankets, sheets, and moving pads. This is a very important part of the process and should not be taken lightly. For assistance, you can speak with the professionals at our Philadelphia, PA commercial moving company. 

If you find that you have electronics that you no longer use or need, consider donating them to one of the many charitable organizations that collect used electronic devices for groups such as veterans, seniors, schools, children, and other groups who may not be able to afford these items on their own. These items will be put to much better use than just bringing them to a recycling center. 

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