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Commercial Moving Company Philadelphia PAThere is a lot that does into a commercial move that many people may not realize until they are in the middle of planning one. Moving is a lot of work, but planning as much as possible ahead of time can make things go much easier. The following tips will help make your move go easier. For more information, contact Philadelphia, Pennsylvania commercial moving company Suburban Solutions.

Check Building Rules

If your company is moving out of a building and/or into a building that you are leasing and do not own, it is important to find out if there are any rules or restrictions that the property owner has. For example, you may only be able to move during non-business hours in order not to disrupt other tenants in the building. Knowing what the rules are well before your scheduled move date will make it much easier for both you and your Philadelphia PA commercial moving company to plan and work around the restrictions.

Address Change

There will be multiple places where your company’s address will need to be changed. Not only do you need to notify clients of the change, but letterhead, return labels, envelopes, and business cards, will also need to be updated. And don’t forget to change the address in all of your company’s online presence – website, social media accounts, email template banners, and more.


As a Philadelphia PA commercial moving company knows, one of the most important chores about packing is making sure all of the boxes are labeled properly. This is especially true when you are moving an office or company. There is nothing more frustrating than to be on a deadline for a project and you cannot find the boxes of printer toner because they are packed in a box somewhere in that piles of boxes that someone forgot to label. Many companies find it helpful to label boxes with the contents and the location to where the box should go. Some people even go as far as adding a number to each box and enter all the information in a spreadsheet to help keep track.


If your company has furniture and equipment that is being moved, you want to make sure ahead of time that these items will fit at the new location. Measure all of these items and see if there will be enough room for them at the new location. If you do this before you actually move, you may find that there are items that will not fit, and you will save time and money by not paying moving companies Philadelphia PA provides to move items that aren’t going to work at the new location.

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