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Cross Country Movers West Chester, PA

Cross Country Movers West Chester, PA Cross Country Movers West Chester, PA

It’s an unfortunate fact that not all West Chester, PA cross country movers are the same, and you may not get what you were promised. At Suburban Solutions, we deliver more than moving boxes—we deliver high quality service to our customers. You can count on us to be at the right location at the right time. Our moving specialists are trained in how to move even the heaviest of items without damaging them, and doing so efficiently so that your move is completed as soon as possible.

If you’re shopping around for cross country movers serving West Chester, PA, it’s important to consider ask moving companies the following questions as appropriate for your circumstances:

 Are you equipped to move items up or down stairs?

You will want to let us know ahead of time how many sets of stairs our West Chester, PA cross country movers will have to climb/descend, and if there are steep driveways or lawns that we will need to navigate. Not all moving companies have the ability (or the specialized moving equipment) to maneuver in this way. Suburban Solutions has the experience as well as the expertise needed to help manage these sometimes tricky situations.

Do you have availability on the date that I need to move?

Usually, move in dates are specific because a new tenant needs to move in, or you will be paying for your new place on a certain date and you wish to avoid paying for two places. It’s best to check with West Chester, PA cross country movers at Suburban Solutions to ensure that we are able to arrive on the day and time that you need. We know that you will want the move complete the moved within the timeframe that you desire. Suburban Solutions work with our customers to ensure that their move is completed when they need it done.

Do you have the equipment needed to move heavy items like major appliances, a piano (or any other item that you own) so that it can arrive in the same condition at the new location? 

Not all long distance moving companies in Philadelphia, PA  have the right equipment because it’s costly and requires special training in order to use it correctly. However, it’s necessary to ensure the safety of the persons moving it, protect the surrounding walls and furniture, and to preserve the condition of the item itself. Suburban Solutions moving specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to move our customers’ belongings—from dollies to ramps, to trucks to safety gear. We are professionals and we are appropriately equipped to move objects and goods of nearly any size and shape to their next destination.

What services do you offer? Not every moving company offers services beyond moving goods. Our West Chester, Pennsylvania cross country movers provide many additional services that are available upon request. They include:

  • Pre-moving packing. Instead of doing this yourself, our team can arrive at your location and pack every item in your home or office that you intend to move. This can greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of breakage. It also saves the customer significant time and energy. Cross country movers that West Chester, PA residents can rely on will arrive with plentiful packing boxes and tools so that you do not have to shop them for them yourself.
  • Post or pre move cleaning. Even the cleanest of homes can hide dust bunnies that suddenly emerge when the furniture is gone. We can clean your home or office, and leave it spotless. We can also clean your new location in advance of delivering your items.
  • Junk hauling. Moving is a great opportunity and time to get rid of items you no longer want. Suburban Solutions cross country movers in West Chester, PA can take these items to local not-for-profit organizations as donations or to the local refuse center as appropriate.

To learn more about the services our West Chester, PA cross country movers offer, give Suburban Solutions a call today.