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Cross Country Moving Company King of Prussia, PA

Cross Country Moving Company King of Prussia, PA cross country moving company King of Prussia, PA

Car Shipping Services for Those Moving Across the Country

Suburban Solutions a leading cross country moving company in King of Prussia, PA, and who offers car shipping services. Whether you need your vehicle to be moved across the state or country, we can help. Suburban Solutions operates, or has partnered with, a large fleet of professional auto transporters. These vary from open and enclosed carriers that can transport your vehicle safely and in a timely manner. To learn more about our cross country moving company in King of Prussia, PA, call Suburban Solutions.

A Trusted Car Shipping Service

Thousands of people every year choose Suburban Solutions because of our immaculate reputation for professionalism, organization, and affordability. Our coordinators will work with you to navigate through the process and help you to complete any necessary paperwork. You’ll learn about the pickup, shipping, and delivery options as well as any load and delivery times. If you require any special assistance, or have unique needs, our coordinators will listen to your concerns and come up with a solution that works. To speak with a coordinator about shipping a car or other vehicle, call Suburban Solutions, one of the leading long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA has to offer. 

Vehicles We Have Shipped

  • Passenger cars
  • Large trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles/ Farm tractors
  • Antique cars
  • Exhibition cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Off road vehicles/ ATVs
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • RV/Motorhomes
  • + More

Door to Door Shipping

Unless you have made special arrangements with our coordinator, Suburban Solutions will ship your vehicle from door to door. This means that we will be there to pick up the vehicle from your place of residence, auto garage, office, or other designated location.  As long as the local ordinance of the delively location allows car carriers, we will deliver the vehicle to your new home or designated location. If the municipality has restrictions on oversized vehicles, a coordinator from Suburban Solutions will help you to explore your different options. 

Please bare in mind that some car carriers can be over 70 feet long. This means that the driver requires plenty of room to make turns. If access to the delivery point is hindered by small roads, trees, narrow turns, or speed bumps, we may need to arrange an alternative delivery point. As a cross country moving company in King of Prussia, PA, we will help you to know whether or not this is applicable to your situation.

Shipping Terminal Options

Shipping terminals are an alternative to shipping your vehicle to your new home. These facilities are flexible with delivery and storage and often more convenient for people who are in the middle of moving. If you are interested in having your vehicle delivered to a shipping terminal, you can consult with one of our coordinators to learn about the available options. 

Tips for Shipping a Vehicle

  • Make sure the car shipping company is licensed.
  • You should be there when your vehicle arrives. If this isn’t possible, you may choose a trusted representative to accept the delivery. 
  • Personal items are generally not allowed to be shipped in the vehicle.
  • Open sided transport is more cost effective. 
  • Closed carrier transport is ideal for antique or luxury vehicles. 
  • No more than a half tank of gas should be left in the car. 
  • Let the coordinator know if the car does not actually run. 
  • You should also let the coordinator know if the car has been modified in any way (i.e. lift kit, oversized tires, camper shells, more than a certain height, length, or weight, etc.)

Call Suburban Solutions for a Complementary Estimate

To learn more about our cross country moving company in King of Prussia, PA, please call Suburban Solutions.