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Cross Country Moving Company Springfield, PA

Cross Country Moving Company Springfield, PA Cross Country Moving Company Springfield, PA

Are you planning a cross country move? If so, you might know that you need to have a good cross country moving company in Springfield, PA to help you. Choosing the right company will take time which is why it is important to start planning well in advance. If you are interested in knowing more about Suburban Solutions, a leading cross country moving company in Springfield, PA, please give us a call today. 

Moving 101: What’s an Order for Service?

Moving from one place to another is an at-times arduous process with many moving parts. There are movers to pick, shipment dates to arrange, supplies to be purchased – not to mention countless documents required to ensure everything gets where it’s supposed to in one piece. One of the most important documents is an order for service. Just what is this order, that comes up often when you’re orchestrating a move? Keep reading to find out.

What is an Order for Service?

Simply put, an order for service is part of the contract between you and your cross country moving company in Springfield, PA. It basically is a written document confirming that you want your goods shipped, when and where.

  • Full service moving companies are legally required to provide an order for service
  • Consumers are owed a copy of the order for service 
  • Any delivery cancellations three days after signing the order for service can incur penalties

Confirming Services

An important function of the order for service is written confirmation of what services have been requested. It typically outlines things like the agreed-upon pack dates, when items will be picked up and when they should be delivered. It will typically go into detail about other incidentals, such as the amount of liability insurance for the shipment and any special instructions. Leading long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA resident’s trust, such as Suburban Solutions, can discuss these services with you before you move. 

Making Changes

Things can change unexpectedly in even the most well-planned move. If a key detail such as where goods need to go changes, that change needs to be reflected in the order for services promptly. It’s not on the consumer, however, to make those changes. Rather, the  cross country moving company in Springfield, PA must write down the changes and attach them to the order for service. One reason it’s so important to document these changes is that they can include changes to the agreed upon payment for services.

Critical Details

An order for service includes some of the most important details of your shipment and is critical to a smooth move. It will typically include contact information for your moving agent as well as details about your delivery window. It also includes a vital payment detail: If your moving costs exceed any non-binding estimate, your order will detail the maximum amount you will need to pay at the time of delivery to get your goods.

It’s easy to see why an order for service is such an important document. Talk to your cross country moving company in Springfield, PA early on to know what to expect to see on your order and you’ll avoid any surprises.