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Suburban Solutions, a Washington DC cross country moving company knows that moving is largely centered around packing and loading. While these parts of the process are important, they are not the only ones. There is still so much to do beyond this, and most likely it will take longer than you think. To help you get everything done quicker, you might benefit from the following tips from our Long Distance Moving company based in Washington DC

First Unpack All Necessary Items

Regardless of how ambitious you might be, the chances of unpacking and moving everything into place on the day of your moving are slim. However, there will be some items that must be unpacked relatively quickly. Examples of these things may include:

  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing you currently need
  • Baby items
  • The coffeemaker
  • Your pet’s items

As you pack your items, our Washington DC cross country moving company recommends that you think about those things you will need within the first 3-7 days. It’s important that you have labeled this boxes so that you know which ones you will need to open first. You can always ask our moving company’s movers to help you with this. 

Place Similar Items in the Same Box

Prior to unpacking, make sure you are in the appropriate room or space in which the items to be packed. For example, Suburban Solutions, a Washington DC cross country moving company recommends that you unpack bathroom items in the kitchen. Likewise, if you are unpacking a box of cords, be sure to have a box ready to place them in so they don’t get tossed around or left on the floor only to become a tripping hazard.

Declutter As You Go

Before our Washington DC cross country moving company arrives to pack up your house, be sure to consider whether you actually really need certain items. If you have not used something in over a year, consider donating it for a good cause. In the event you packed something you thought was needed, but actually was not, you can still donate them. Do this as you are unpacking to save you time from putting it away, and then pulling it out again.

Don’t Give Up

At first sight, our Washington DC cross country moving company knows that a room full of boxes may feel overwhelming. Don’t worry too much, just make the effort to unpack things at a steady rate. You can take short breaks in between; however, set practical goals and stick to them. By remaining focused you can ensure you unpack your house sooner rather than later. After you have packed, break down your boxes to recycle them at your nearest facility. If you don’t want to unpack, be sure to talk with Suburban Solutions, a cross country moving company based in Washington DC about our unpacking services, as well as our full range of moving services. 

Be Careful With Heavy Objects

If you are unable to lift certain objects, or struggle to do so, it is better that you ask our movers to move the item into the right place. We understand how heavy objects should be lifted and carried. Furthermore, we can maneuver them in tight areas, up and down stairs, and around sharp corners. This can prevent an injury from happening, as well as, avoid the burden of moving heavy objects. 

To learn more about our leading cross country moving company in Washington DC, call Suburban Solutions.