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Cross Country Moving Company West Chester, PA

Cross Country Moving Company West Chester, PA Cross Country Moving Company West Chester, PA

Suburban Solutions is a leading cross country moving company in West Chester, PA, and one that has built a sound reputation across many Eastern states. We are well known for our services, quality, and affordability. If you are planning a big move and would like a quote from one of the best long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA has to offer, call Suburban Solutions. 

Moving 101: What’s a Non-Binding Estimate?

With average moving costs exceeding $4,000, it’s easy to see why moving estimates are top of mind when choosing a cross country moving company in West Chester, PA. Harder to understand, however, are all the different types of estimates that are offered and what they mean for your bottom line. Which cost estimate is right for you and your move? The answer depends a lot on your total budget.

Why Do I Need an Estimate?

When it comes to moving goods, a lot of the costs are unclear until the shipment is fully inventoried and weighed. Until then, movers tend to operate with estimates. These provide a consumer with a general idea of what they are going to pay, enabling them to plan accordingly. Most West Chester, PA cross country moving company estimates fall into one of the following categories:

  • binding
  • non-binding
  • not-to-exceed

Knowing the difference is critical to staying within your budget.

Binding Estimates

A binding estimate is the most straightforward and easy to understand in terms of knowing what you will spend for your move. These estimates often involve additional cost, but provide an exact price – your final charges won’t change even if your shipment’s final weight is more or less than expected. This can look like an attractive option, especially if your budget doesn’t have much wiggle room.

Non-Binding Estimates

With this type of estimate, you agree to pay for your shipment’s actual weight, priced by the pound. Your final bill can come in higher or lower. That means an estimate of $1,000 could ultimately be $2,000 if there are unexpected goods or the shipment is much heavier than anticipated. Fortunately, under a clause called the 110% rule, your cross country moving company in West Chester, PA, can’t require you to pay more than the original estimate amount plus 10% at the time of delivery. You then have at least 30 days to pay the difference between the estimate and the final price.

Not to Exceed

A binding not-to-exceed estimate is a convenient intermediary between binding and non-binding estimates. With this estimate, you pay the estimate amount quoted, even if your shipment comes in heavier. If your shipment is less than what was estimated, you will end up paying a different amount based on the shipment weight and the agreed upon price per pound.

Moving can be fun and exciting, but also stressful and overwhelming when it comes to costs. Make things easier on yourself by researching estimate types and using a cross country moving company in West Chester, PA  that can offer one that fits your budget.