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Estate Clean Outs

Estate Clean Outs

Estate Clean OutsMoving is never easy, but when you are a senior citizen having to move, the event can be even more challenging. There are often many emotional factors that are also present in the move, whether you are moving to be closer to family or into elderly housing or assisted living. The residential and estate clean outs movers from Suburban Solutions can help make that move easier. Call us to find out about the services we offer. The following are some tips that can also help.

Don’t Do It on Your Own

No matter your age and how independent you may be, moving is a difficult process and anyone making a move should reach out to family and friends for assistance. Sorting through belongings and packing everything up can be an arduous process. Many seniors also choose to retain the services of a residential and estate clean outs moving company like Suburban Solutions to take care of all the packing that needs to be done.


If you have been living in a large home and now are moving to a smaller living space, you will likely need to downsize. This can be very difficult, especially if you have an emotional attachment to many of the items. It helps to remember that a lot of the items we do have, we often do not even realize it!

The less overwhelming way to downsize is to do each room at a time. Go through all the items and sort them into three piles: one pile of items to keep, one pile of items to donate, and one pile of items that can be thrown away.

Keep an Eye on Your Medical and Physical Needs

As you are going through this moving process, you want to make sure to go at a steady pace and not to overdo it, physically or mentally. Make sure to take frequent breaks when packing. It is also important to take time to do the activities you enjoy and not spend all of your time on preparing for your move.

Also, make sure you consider what your medical needs are both during and after you move. If you are on prescription medications or need other supplies, make sure you will have enough to last through your move, especially if you are moving to a location at a distance from your current home. This may also entail finding new medical providers and pharmacies. It is best to address these needs before your move, such as researching doctors in the area you are moving to and also obtaining your medical records from your current physicians.

Local Residential and Estate Clean Outs Movers Can Help

One important tip to help make your move as stress-free as possible is to hire a professional residential and estate clean outs moving company to take care of all of these issues for you. If you are moving, let Suburban Solutions help you will all your moving needs.