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Estate Moving Company Philadelphia, PA

Estate Moving Company Philadelphia, PA Estate Moving Company Philadelphia, PA

Tips On How You Can Pack and Move Glassware and Crystal

Perhaps you have recently taken over an estate, and you’ve made the decision to sell the property. You know that you will be using an estate moving company in Philadelphia, PA to help you with such a large move, but you have made the decision to pack some of the glassware on your own. 

If you have made the choice to pack some, or all, of your fragile items on your own, it is very important to take time to learn how to pack these things. By doing so, you can ensure that you have decreased the chances of them breaking during the move. Crystal items, ceramics, Chinaware, and other breakables deserve the utmost attention. Not only might they be valuable, but they could also be sentimental. Often, these pieces will not be replaceable. The last thing you want is to unpack a box and find the items in pieces. 

In general, it is advisable to ask an estate moving company in Philadelphia, PA to help you pack and transport your items. However, if you feel that you should pack yourself, consider these tips. 

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Collect New, Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes – Although you can use reused cardboard boxes during a move, when it comes to fragile items, your box should be new. The reason for this is that overtime, cardboard boxes lose their strength and durability. You don’t want them to break. If you have plastic tubs, these also work. If you do not have a new, durable box, please ask Suburban Solutions, a Philadelphia, PA estate moving company for help. 

Seperate Your Items – Once you have your boxes, take your fragile items and separate them into different categories. For example, glassware, plates, odd-shaped objects, and so forth. 

Make and Insert Dividers – Using cardboard or some other durable material, create dividers that fit into the box. These can be used to hold each object and will provide extra protection. It also prevents the fragile items from hitting one another and breaking. 

Wrap Each Item – Using foam, bubble wrap, towels, or other cushioning, individually wrap each piece. You can also place foam or a cushion on the top and bottom of each item for extra protection. 

Secure the Box – Before you secure the box, you should place a layer of padding on the top. This is especially true if there is extra space. You don’t want to have too much room for the objects to move around. Secure the box with strong packing tape. 

A Tip for Heavy Items

If you are packing heavy items, these should be placed at the bottom of the box rather than on top of smaller items. After the large, heavier items, medium sized items followed by smaller items can be packed. Be sure your box is not overstuffed. If it is bulging, there is too much inside. In the event you cannot lift the heavy items, ask a moving company Philadelphia, PA community members prefer, like Suburban Solutions, a call. 

After Everything is Packed

  • Label Your Boxes! Be sure to use a permanent market that is thick and noticeable. Terms like “Breakable”, “Fragile”, “Top”, “Up”, and so forth should be used. 
  • Write the room the box should go in. 
  • Be careful, but pick up the box and give it a gentle shake. If you hear things that move, you should add more cushion. 

We cannot emphasize the importance of making sure your fragile items are packed correctly. If you need help with your packing and moving, call an estate moving company Philadelphia, PA has to offer like Suburban Solutions