Junk Removal Company in Media, PA

Call Suburban Solutions, a junk removal company in Media, Pennsylvania that you can rely on, for more information about our services. If you are a loved one of an elder who is moving into an assisted care facility, please know that our junk removal company in Media, PA called Suburban Solutions can offer moving services during this time. You may have a lot of challenges and tasks to take care of, including getting rid of some items that your loved one no longer needs. As you decide how you will get these things done, you might also concern yourself with the emotions of your loved one who might be struggling with the move.

The process may become so overwhelming that you find it difficult to pack, move, and store their belongings. This is when you should consider hiring our junk removal company in Media, Pennsylvania. At Suburban Solutions, we have moved many elders into assisted care facilities across the state. Whether you require help with packing your elders belongings and moving them into their new assisted living home, a storage facility, or another place, let us help you.

Why Choose Suburban Solutions to Be Your Movers

We understand the challenges that can come with moving an elderly loved one into a nursing home. Many of us at Suburban Solutions can relate to what you are going through; thus would like to help make the process easier for all those involved. By choosing us as your PA junk removal company in Media, you can feel peace of mind in knowing:

  • We offer comprehensive moving services
  • We can pack, unpack, load, and move belongings of all sizes
  • We offer storage services
  • We can take trash or heavy household items to the garbage facility
  • If you have no time to clean, consider our cleaning services

Moving People Over 50
For many people, moving presents a unique set of challenges; some of which are difficult to overcome. Lifting heavy or awkward shaped items is not recommended for a lot of our clients, especially those who may be dealing with back pain, arthritis, or other common medical conditions. 

As one of the best PA moving companies in Philadelphia, we take pride in our services, friendliness, and ability to get the job done right on time. Whether your elderly loved one is moving into an assisted care facility, smaller home, condominium, or retirement community, let our movers help you to make this experience one that is positive. 

As a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company, you can feel confident in knowing our reputation is strong and backed by many positive reviews on leading review sites. We are also happy to share experiences from past clients. Our movers from Suburban Solutions will arrive at your home in branded trucks on-time and as scheduled. We’ll bring the necessary equipment that will help us to move your belongings. 

Packing and Unpacking Your Belongings

The packing process, as well as the unpacking process, tends to be one of the more challenging tasks. At Suburban Solutions our movers can load, move, and unload all of your items. However, if you need help with packing them up, let us know! Our movers understand how to carefully wrap, pack, and load items that may include, but are certainly not limited to, clothing, dishes, breakables, artwork, electronics, kitchen appliances, specialty items, garage items, and so forth.

Our packing and unpacking service is highly used by families and elders. The professionals at our Media, PA junk removal company are happy to assist you in packing all of your items or just some. 

Call Suburban Solutions, a junk removal company in Media, Pennsylvania that you can rely on, for more information about our services.