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Truck loading by Suburban Solutions' team
Our uniformed Junk Removal Crew will arrive and provide an estimate on site and can begin removing your junk right away! We charge junk hauling by volume, so you only pay for what we take!
Suburban Solutions' dump truck unloading junk we've collected
Our dump trucks are state of the art to help us keep the price of your junk removal competitive in your area
One of Suburban Solutions' junk removal trucks
At Suburban Solutions Junk Removal, you only pay for what you want removed! Our pricing is the cheapest Junk Removal up and down the Mid Atlantic!


Suburban Solutions Junk Removal specializes in all aspects of junk removal! We know the feeling of having unwanted items in your house, and we have the Solution! Whether you are getting ready to list your house on the market, want to declutter your basement, or are simply downsizing, we have the Solution for you!

Our Junk Hauling process is very simple. Just schedule an appointment with our office using our easy-to-fill-out form, and we will show up within the specified window. Simply show our uniformed crew what it is you would like them to take, and we will provide you with an estimate right there. You only pay for what we take, so you know you are always getting a fair deal! Please click here for more information on pricing! If you are in need of both Junk Removal AND Moving services, please click here!

At Suburban Solutions, not only do we have a green logo, but we operate a Green Junk Removal company. We will donate everything we can to our local Goodwill Center! We want to do our best to keep our landfills as empty as possible while also providing our community an opportunity to furnish their homes with affordable second-hand furniture!

Client Review

"These guys were amazing!! I moved from my parent's house into a rowhome and they made everything SO fast and easy. In 2 hours my studio's worth of stuff was completely moved. Eddie, Will and Thomas were super friendly and wonderful. I would have never been able to do it all on my own without them. And I paid WAY less then what the big companies were quoting would be my lowest estimate."
Selene F.
Client Review

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Whether you’re moving down the street or across town, we can get you and your belongings the quality local service you deserve.

Suburban Solutions's truck for long distance moving


North, South, East & West, our long distance service covers the lower 48 states. Let our personalized customer service and exceptional network of professionals take you there.

The Sub-Solv Express team prepared for city to city moving


We recognize there’s a big difference between moving a five-bedroom house and a 12’×12′ studio apartment. That’s why, for you urban dwellers, we developed our swiftest and most efficient city-to-city moving option: The Sub-Solv Express.

Suburban Solutions' van fully prepared for commercial moving


Office moves can’t be done during normal business hours or your bottom line suffers. Proper care of equipment and items isn’t just for cosmetic purposes. You need it done the right way and with special care.