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You’ve packed up your boxes, scheduled one of our long distance moving companies serving Philadelphia, PA to come to your home, and prepared everything for the big day. Suddenly, you get a phone call about your new home; something has occurred and it’s not ready. Suddenly you are left in limbo. You may be worried for a number of reasons, your life may seem up in the air as you make sure that the moving company knows of the schedule change and you scramble to make alternative plans. As a popular moving company in Pennsylvania, Suburban Solutions knows that life happens and sometimes, moves need to be postponed.

If your move has been postponed, please don’t hesitate to call our Media, PA long distance movers as soon as possible. We are happy to help you organize and re-plan your move. In addition to this, please consider these tips provided by our friendly movers. 

First: Reschedule the Day of the Move

As soon as you’ve found out your move has been postponed, make an effort to call Suburban Solutions so that we know not to arrive at your home on the current scheduled day. If you know when your new home will be available, let our Media, PA long distance movers know so the new day can be scheduled. If you don’t know when you are moving, you might choose to cancel, just keep us updated when you learn of the new moving day. At Suburban Solutions, we strive to make the moving process as easy as possible. When you know of the day you would like to reschedule just give us a call and we will try to work around your schedule.

Find a Temporary Place to Stay

Our Media, PA long distance movers know first had that one of the most difficult parts of a postponed move is looking for a new place to stay. That said, if your current home is available, then you will simply stay there for the time being. However, if you’ve sold your home or your lease is up, staying might not be possible. Your options might include staying with family members or friends, staying at a hotel, or finding a short term lease. If you are in need of moving to a new, but temporary location, be sure to consider whether or not you will need the help of Media, PA long distance movers to help reduce the headache of moving. 

Unpack Items that You Will Likely Need

Although it might be a hassle to unpack items you intended to move, you might have to. Try to only unpack what you think you will absolutely need. This will help you to save time on having to repack your belongings. Examples of must have items include clothing, toiletries, a few childrens toys, pet bowls and toys, medication, and perhaps some food items. If you have not packed yet, when you go to do so, be sure to pack an emergency kit that has some of these items are included. Our Media, PA long distance movers suggest labelling all of your boxes just in case something like a postponed move occurs. 

Consider a Storage Facility

If you are unable to stay at your current home, and you need your items to be moved out. Be sure to consider storing your things at a storage facility. At Suburban Solutions, we can not only can provide you with premier moving services, but also storage facilities for your belongings.

If your move has been postponed and you need storage facilities, or you are looking for a moving company, call Suburban Solutions, Media, PA long distance movers you can rely on.