Long Distance Movers Springfield, PA Long Distance Movers Springfield, PA

Our Springfield, PA long distance movers at Suburban Solutions will tell you that moving is not often a straightforward, simple process. Rather it often involves heavy, bulky, and awkward items, including mattresses, bed frames, cabinets, tables, chairs, couches, electronics, and so forth. This is not to mention boxes upon boxes of fragile items, garage items, and so forth. Apart from the actual items, there is always a risk of obtaining an injury from moving heavy items. Finally, you will have to think about getting a heavy item through a doorway that is just about too small to get it through, or pivoting a giant couch up a winding basement stairwell. These are just some of the challenges of moving; all of which are reasons why people choose to hire long distance movers serving Springfield, PA

If you hire one of Suburban Solutions long distance moving companies based in Philadelphia,PA, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you don’t have to worry about these complications. That said, you likely want to ensure your furniture and items are protected. By choosing Suburban Solutions to be your Pennsylvania moving company, we will do our very best to protect your items and help ease the stress that can come with the moving process.

How We Will Protect Your Furniture (and Everything Else!)

An Initial Walk Through – Before our long distance movers in Springfield, PA begin your move we will do a full walk through of your house, basement, garage, and any other area we are moving. We’ll take an inventory of what you have, if this has not already been done, and also make a note of any item that has been damaged. For example, if we are moving a large oak table that has a chip in the leg, we will note this. Our process can be compared to the rental car process before you take the car over. 

Floor Runner Laydown For nearly all moves our Springfield, PA long distance movers will lay down special floor runners that will protect your floors against scratches, nicks, and damage. These runners can also prevent dirty, muddy, wet floors that might otherwise result from everyone coming and going from your house. By taking this measure, we keep your floors protected and clean. 

Protect Your Belongings Suburban Solutions will carefully wrap your fragile furniture in blankets, shrink wrap, foam, or other protective materials. This can prevent damage during the move. When we arrive at the destination, we will unwrap this furniture. 

Tools Our long distance movers in Springfield, PA are equipped with all kinds of tools used to move belongings. Our tools help us to move heavy items in a safe manner, and also allows us to disassemble them when they are too large to transport on their own. 

Walk Through Prior to moving, we will do a final walk through of the house to ensure we’ve gotten everything that needs to be moved. 

Transportation – Once inside our truck, the movers will tie everything down so it won’t shift or fall over during the transportation. 

When Springfield, PA long distance movers arrive, we will unpack our trucks and bring your items into your new home. We’ll reassemble anything that has been disassembled and do our best to place the furniture in your preferred location. 

It is our goal to make your moving day as easy as possible. In the event of your item(s) being damaged during the move, we offer basic insurance, as well as, optional add-on insurance. To learn more about our extensive services provided by our Springfield, PA long distance movers, call Suburban Solutions today.