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Even before hiring West Chester, PA long distance movers, you may wish to start the packing process. If you have limited experience packing, or have fragile items, it’s important to understand how to pack them so that they arrive safely to your new location. Though Suburban Soltuion’s moving specialists make every effort to transport items with the utmost care, a package’s contents can be damaged simply from the weight of other boxes stacked upon it. This is why it’s critical that you pack the boxes correctly so that they can be protected in every way possible.

Below are some guidelines to follow to ensure your possessions are securely packed. However, keep in mind that Suburban Solution’s long distance movers in West Chester, PA offers packing services in addition to our moving services. With some advanced notice, we can arrange to have our long distance moving companies from Philadelphia, PA at your location to pack your items prior to moving them. We can also include packing materials, such as boxes and tape, if you do not already have them in possession. Suburban Solutions focuses on service and meeting all of our customers’ moving needs. Our West Chester, PA long distance movers recognize that moving can be a stressful event and we want to ease your stress as much as possible. Here are some packing tips that you may find helpful:

  1.       Choose a box that is appropriate for the contents. When the contents are placed inside, there should be at least one inch of free space on all sides. You do not want the box to bulge in any direction because it will not stack well and if the contents are forced against the edge, they are more susceptible to getting damaged.
  2.       Our West Chester, PA long distance movers recommend using at least one inch of packing material on all sides of a box that contains fragile items. For items that are virtually unbreakable, this may not be necessary but without that reinforcement, the box may collapse in the empty areas if weight is pressed against them.
  3.       Use a box that is in good condition. If it is used, prior to packing items into it, make sure the seams are still sound and that there are no holes or cuts that damage the integrity of the box.
  4.       Though used boxes may already have tape, to be on the safe side, reinforce the box with new tape. Long distance movers working in West Chester, PA suggest using two overlapping strips of tape to cover the top and bottom seals. Along the bottom, place two separate strips of tape perpendicular to that which covers the seal.
  5.       Possessions such as cups and bowls should contain crumpled newspaper, packing popcorn, or other protective material to absorb vibrations and protect these fragile items. If cups or bowls are stacked together, consider placing a foam wrap sheet between each to protect them from clattering against one another and breaking.
  6.       Don’t over fill the boxes. When packing boxes, it’s very easy to pack more than what is practical in terms of weight because the box is still on the floor or table. Long distance movers in West Chester, PA suggest that you periodically, pick the box up as you pack it to make sure you’ll be able to lift it without effort. Moving day will entail lifting many boxes and setting them down gently, so it’s important to keep the weight manageable.

To learn more about our moving and packing services, give our Suburban Solutions West Chester, PA long distance movers a call to receive a free price quote.