Long Distance Moving Companies Bucks County, PA Long Distance Moving Companies Bucks County, PA

Suburban Solutions, one of the best long distance moving companies in Bucks County, PA understands that divorce is never easy for anyone. Having to deal with custody battles, legalities, and stress can be incredibly taxing on the mind and body. After the divorce, one spouse or the other must officially relocate to another place of their own. Many spouses want to move as far away from their former half as possible. While this may seem overwhelming, there are ways to keep the process simple and efficient. 

Those who just don’t have the energy or time to move themselves, may consider hiring long distance moving companies in PA to do the heavy lifting instead. By following the divorce moving tips below, you may find that it wasn’t nearly as troublesome as you had initially imagined:

#1 Wait until the legalities have been smoothed out.

While you may be tempted to get out and move quickly, there may be instances where waiting is a good idea. In general, when spouses divorce they must negotiate over property before the split can be finalized. Knowing who gets what before the move can help prevent unnecessary resentments from building. Once it has been decided who keeps those items, label them with a certain colored sticky note so the professionals at our long distance moving company in Bucks County know which belongings stay and which get loaded into the van. 

#2 Organize and label your boxes early.

Label your boxes based on what room the box is going to be unpacked into for your new place. This can be especially helpful if you have decided to Suburban Solutions to assist with your move. Always be sure to pack up your belongings before we arrive (unless you want help with packing services, which we do offer!). Since you are paying us based on time, it may cost you more in the end if the boxes aren’t ready for transport. If we know what box goes into which room, it can help us unload quicker once at the new place and saves you time during the unpacking stage. 

#3 Consider where your pets will go on moving day.

Even the most friendly pet can get nervous with a team of movers entering the home. It can be scary for your furry family member to see items being moved out of the house, when they have no idea why. It may be best to keep your pet with a loved one close by for the big moving day, or at a boarding facility. If you prefer to keep your pet with you at all times, you may want to clear out a room and have that be where your pet hangs out during moving. Post a sign on the door so we know to not enter! 

#4 Free yourself up to take on other tasks.

If you hire Bucks County long distance moving companies in PA, you can now use that extra time to take care of other things related to the divorce and move. Depending on how much you have on your plate, this may be worth spending the money on. With all the stress and negativity surrounding your divorce, you may even decide to use this time for yourself by doing something you enjoy or practicing self-care. 

The weight of moving out and far away after divorce can be alleviated if you decide to hire our long distance moving company in Bucks County, PA Suburban Solutions — so please call us today for a free quote!