Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia PA Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia PA

If you are the spouse who must relocate after divorce and have decided to move somewhere far, we recommend talking with Suburban Solutions — one of the long distance moving companies in Philadelphia, PA. Moving out after divorce can be a painful and stressful process for everyone involved, including both spouses, shared children, and pets alike. There are bound to be plenty of changes and new ways of living leading up to divorce finalization. The spouses may have to negotiate terms of the divorce, such as child custody, property, and who gets to remain in the family home. 

Here are some tips to help things run smoother as you move out and away after divorce: 

#1 Start creating a plan for where you will stay in the interim. 

If you are in the beginning stages of divorce, you may not be able to move entirely until after the divorce agreements have been settled. Many spouses have to talk about which property goes to which person, and until then certain belongings may not be permitted to leave the home. In the interim, have a plan for a safe place you can stay until legalities have been worked through. If you need just a few items relocated for now temporarily, Philadelphia long distance moving companies in PA such as Suburban Solutions can provide that support. 

#2 Label belongings based on who gets to keep them.

If you have hired long distance moving companies in PA to pack up the van and transport items for you, it can help keep things moving if they know exactly what items are yours to keep. Consider labeling your belongings with a colored sticker or sticky note so the movers can identify quickly which boxes or items need to be taken out. 

#3 Schedule the move when your spouse won’t be there.

Nothing can be more awkward than having an argument with your soon-to-be former spouse while professional movers are there trying to get your things out to the moving truck. It may be best to schedule the move when you know your spouse will be at work, visiting friends, or otherwise out of the house for at least several hours. But rest assured, our movers at Suburban Solutions are professionals who are not there to cast judgements during this time. 

#4 Decide where you want your pets and children to go during the move.

Children who are under the age of adulthood may be particularly sensitive and emotional about the divorce and relocation. You may want to keep your children at a loved one’s home for the day, so they do not have to watch the moving process unfold. Long distance moving companies in Philadelphia may suggest having pets stay in a room by themselves or at a boarding facility, to eliminate the chances of them getting under the movers feet or escaping out the front door. 

#5 Find your support through loved ones and a moving company.

For some, the idea of moving out of their home and relocating perhaps hours away due to the divorce, can be too agonizing to do alone. During this time, lean on friends and family to support you. You can also hire our moving company Suburban Solutions to do the packing, loading, transporting and unloading for you if you just don’t have the time. While professional movers will come at a cost, it may be worth the investment to conserve some of your physical and emotional energy. Then, you have more free time to focus on yourself or other aspects of the move. 

Please contact Suburban Solutions, one of the best long distance moving companies in Philadelphia, PA for a free quote today!