Long Distance Moving Company Springfield, PA Long Distance Moving Company Springfield, PA

Moving is no easy task. Whether you are moving across town, out of state, or across the country, you can expect all sorts of hurdles to overcome. Even the best planners will experience a challenge or two. To help make your move easier, especially when you are moving far away, considering hiring a long distance moving company in Springfield, PA, such as Suburban Solutions. 

Moving 101: Understanding Mover’s Paperwork

Moving is rarely as simple a process as the movies or TV make it appear. In addition to finding your perfect new home, you must contend with choosing a long distance moving company Springfield, PA has to offer, creating a packing plan, and a million other details. It can all seem overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure what paperwork to expect from your movers. Knowing what they are required to provide can make things that much easier. Keep reading to learn some of the key paperwork your long distance moving company in Springfield, PA is required to provide.

Key Documents

The average consumer will end up with an entire dossier of new paperwork by the time their move is done. Individual movers may have various proprietary documents they like to share. But there are some documents that are vital and distributed by all movers. Those include:

  • A legal contract
  • A pamphlet explaining your rights
  • A signed inventory

A Legal Contract

Many long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA residents trust, will happily give you an online quote. But nothing is guaranteed until it’s on paper. You’ll want to have an official contract before you can rest easy that you know your move is going to happen and for what price. A bill of lading can act as a contract, providing a detailed list of what you are shipping and where. This is easily the most important document in a move, so keep it safe at all times.

Explanation of Rights

The average consumer doesn’t know what rights they’re entitled to during a move. But movers do, and it’s their job to let you know. This usually happens with a pamphlet detailing “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This document, provided for interstate moves, spells out things like different insurance liability options. Be sure to read it carefully before initiating the moving process. If you don’t understand something, ask your long distance moving company in Springfield, PA for clarification. 

Signed Inventory

An official inventory is easily one of the most vital documents in a move. That’s because a detailed inventory not only influences your final price, it can help you get reimbursed should any of your belongings come up missing or damaged during your move. On moving day, your driver will typically provide an inventory form describing everything that gets packed onto the moving truck, taking careful note of each item’s condition. Afterward you will both sign this document.

Moving can be a whirlwind, and it isn’t helped by the mountains of paperwork that you may encounter. Help yourself out by understanding the core documents you should be expecting. It can make your job and your mover’s job go faster. To receive a quote from a leading long distance moving company in Springfield, PA, call Suburban Solutions