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Long Distance Moving company Washington DC

Long Distance Moving company Washington DC Long Distance Moving company Washington DC

There are a multitude of decisions to make when you’re moving, as well as a long list of items on your to-do list. Making arrangements to leave the home you are living in and making arrangements for the home you are going to. Transferring children’s schools, transferring utilities, picking new paint colors. And packing. Lots of packing!

At Suburban Solutions, we provide a variety of moving services to help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. When you hire our Washington DC long distance moving company, you get extensive experience and our guarantee to provide you with the most professional service available.

When you hire us for your residential move, our long distance moving company will arrive at your home and go through your home with you to find out exactly what is being moved and what special requests you may have. We will take apart any furniture that needs to be broken down and will wrap all large items and appliances in shrink-wrap to protect it from dents, dings, and scratches. When these items are loaded into our truck, we will also use quilted padding to offer even more protection. Before leaving your home, we will complete a final walk-through to make sure nothing has been left behind.

At your new location, our long distance moving company will unload all items and place them exactly where you direct us to. All shrink-wrap will be removed and any furniture taken apart for the move will be reassembled.

Packing Service

Suburban Solutions also offers a complete packing service that many of our customers take advantage of. We provide all the material needed – different size boxes, packing tape, and packing peanuts – and will make sure all of your valuables are safely packed and protected.

We can also unpack all of your items at your new home. After unpacking, we will remove all packing materials, taking one more chore off of your plate!


When customers are moving, it is not uncommon for there to be a period of time between when they need to move out of their current residence and are able to move into their new place. This is especially common when they are selling one home and purchasing or building a new one. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be completely overwhelmed trying to come up with an affordable solution. Look no further!

Our long distance moving company offers storage services in Washington DC for just these situations. We’ll move your property from your current home into our storage facilities and move them into your new home when you are ready. You can be comfortable knowing all of your belongings are safe and secure in our facilities.

Long-Distance Moves

If you are moving out-of-state, you can still count on us to take care of all the details for you. We work with multiple moving companies throughout the country and can make all of the arrangements needed to make sure your property arrives safe and sound at your new home, no matter how far away it is.

Things to Consider During the Packing and Moving Process

Not everyone enjoys moving, as it often entails heavy lifting, money matters, buying packing materials, and cleaning. Some people may decide to invest in hiring a moving company to do the bulk of the loading and transporting instead, particularly if they must move quickly. There are so many things to consider when packing up and moving.

Is it best to sort through things as I’m packing now, or when unloading later?

Many people want to get rid of things they no longer need during the moving process. Those who must move last minute, may not have the extra time to sort through things in-depth. If you want to make your moving load lighter, dedicate time prior to the big moving day to assess your belongings. You can sort items into three categories, including what you are donating, keeping, and tossing.

What is the best way to protect fragile items during the move?

Perhaps the most effective strategy when moving fragile items, is to wrap them in clothing, towels or blankets. For really small trinkets or glass, you can use thick socks as a way to keep them from tumbling around in the boxes. A nice perk, is that you can save money on packing supplies by using fabric you already have to protect breakables. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for ways to save with a long distance moving company Washington DC.

What strategy should I use when packing clothing?

Pack clothing as they are. You can save yourself time by packing boxes full of clothes based on where they are located in your bedroom or closet. For instance, the clothing hung in your closet can be wrapped using a heavy duty garbage bag, and the hangers at the top tied together with the bag string. You can pull out the contents of a dresser drawer into boxes, or haul the dresser with clothes still inside. If you have the right packing materials, you can also take out the dresser drawers and wrap each individually without removing the clothing.

What if it all just seems like too much, what is my other option?

Even if you were able to gather a big group of friends and family to assist in your move, it may feel like too much to deal with. You can opt for the less stressful, yet more costly route of hiring a long distance moving company Washington DC to do the packing, loading, and transporting for you. It may actually save you time and energy, in addition to helping prevent an injury if you aren’t doing the moving yourself.

What is something that a person moving forgets about?

Before the packing begins, take a bag and fill it with all the essentials you may need in the next couple of days. Items to pack away include toiletries, clothing, personal treasures, phone chargers, medication, non-perishable snacks, and plenty of water. The moving process can get messy, so it’ll help to have set aside what you need instead of digging through boxes amidst the chaos. Consult with a long distance moving company Washington DC for more tips on how to make the move as smooth as possible.

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Unpacking after a Move

People who are moving are so focused on all the packing and other things they need to take care of before the move, they often don’t consider what it is going to take when it comes to unpacking all of these items in their new home. In fact, for many people, unpacking is considered the worst part of the move! They unpack those essential boxes, like the dishes, pots, and pans, but there are often boxes that can sit unpacked for months after the Washington DC long distance moving company has left there home.

But unpacking doesn’t need to be an overwhelming chore that causes you to stuff those unpacked boxes into closets, the basement, garage, or in the attic. Following these few steps can help you tackle and complete the unpacking process shortly after your moving date.

It Starts with the Packing Process

Your unpacking can go much more smoothly if you take a few steps while you are packing the items, to begin with. The first thing you want to do is to keep items that are similar together instead of just throwing anything together into the boxes. Keeping these like items together means you will be much more organized while you are unpacking since these items will be stored in the same place.

Make sure to label each of your boxes. Write the room it is going into on the box. This not only helps you during unpacking, but will also help the movers during the move itself since they won’t have to keep asking you where to put the boxes they are carrying in. You should also write what’s inside the box. This will help you, especially if you are looking for a certain item that you haven’t unpacked yet. There are even smartphone apps that can help you keep an inventory of what you have packed!

There are certain things you want to keep in mind during the move, as well. You have taken the time to carefully label each box as to which room the box should go in, so make sure that’s where the boxes are placed the movers from the Washington DC long distance moving company take the boxes off the truck. Just putting the boxes anywhere in your home can cause disorganization, as well as cause more work since you will need to move piles of boxes more than once.

Once the move is done and you are in your new home, the unpacking begins. It can be easy to put the packing off, which is understandable, given the deadlines you were likely under as your moving day approached. But putting off unpacking only makes it feel even more overwhelming. This is why you should begin the process right away. If you wait too long, that’s when the boxes end up sitting unpacked for months.

As you empty each box, make sure to recycle the boxes and get them out of the way. This will help you to feel and see the progress you are making! And make sure to enlist the help of other family members to help with the unpacking. Helping to unpack and set up their own bedrooms and other areas of the home can help children with adjusting to the move, especially if they were uneasy about moving and having to go to a new school and make new friends.

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Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming. Having a long distance moving company Washington DC residents recommend assisting you can make all the difference in how stress-free your move will be. Call Suburban Solutions today.

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“I used them for a local move. The booking process was a breeze. My crew was on time and they were amazing to work with. They moved our 4 bedroom house with ease. They were super professional and if my wife didn’t like something in the original place they were happy to move it to another room. Big shout out to Josh, Vic, Will and Joe. You guys made my move as unstressful as it could of been.”
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