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Many spouses who are in the midst of divorce may turn to friends, family, and professional movers in Bucks County, VA at Suburban Solutions for the support they need. It is recommended that the spouse relocating implements a little strategy and planning ahead of time, so the big moving day can go much more smoothly.

Divorce can be painful, tricky, and grueling. When two married people decide to part ways, one often has to move out of the home previously shared together. Moving out due to divorce isn’t an easy feat, especially for the spouse who has to gather their things and start fresh somewhere else. 

Here we have listed five of the main do’s and don’ts to consider if you are the spouse moving out: 

Don’t: Move While Spouse is Home

It may add more salt to the wound than necessary to have your former spouse watch you direct movers in Bucks County, VA as to what items they need to haul into the loading van. If possible, schedule a day and time for the big move when you know your ex won’t be around. By not seeing them face-to-face, it can help lessen the heartache for you. If your spouse wants to be there when you move out to make sure nothing of theirs is taken, perhaps you can recruit a level-headed friend or family member to accompany you. 

Don’t: Forget Hire a Moving Company

Don’t be afraid to ask for help by hiring Bucks County, VA movers at Suburban Solutions. Despite your loved ones probably expecting to assist with the move, they may be relieved to hear their aren’t needed after all. The process of divorce can be immensely time consuming, so you may not have the extra hours or energy to move everything yourself anyway. 

Do: Focus On the Move

When you and your ex spouse are dividing up furniture and other items up in the house, it can be easy to get carried away over the small stuff. Our professional movers in Bucks County at Suburban Solutions understand that emotions can get in the way of the moving process, and that you may get into a heated dispute over something as simple as a toaster or plastic tupperware. Unless that item has sentimental value, you may want to just focus on the task at hand.  

Do: Take Your Name Off the Utility Bill

If the utilities are in your name, update the company a couple weeks prior to your move out date. Let your former spouse know about the change and how they can take over where you left off, if he or she is remaining in the home. Consider setting up your utilities at the new place before you have even officially moved in, as you may need to come up with expensive deposits for new services and accounts. 

Don’t: Forget to Inquire About Packing Services

If you hire our movers in Virginia at Suburban Solutions, be sure to ask about all of our services. We may be able to box up your belongings for an additional fee, or even do some cleaning for you once everything is done. You may find that the extra cost is worth not having to deal with the organizing, packing or clean-up process. 

Our moving professionals are here to support you during every life change and relocation. Please contact us for a free quote and to hear more about how our movers in Bucks County, VA at Suburban Solutions can be at your service!