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Movers Philadelphia, PA Movers Philadelphia, PA

Once you know that you will be relocating, the next step is to seek help from our Movers in Philadelphia, PA at Suburban Solutions! While you may be excited to take on a new journey somewhere else, looking at all the belongings you have to pack up can understandably fill you with dread. It isn’t uncommon for people to get support from our moving company in Philadelphia, PA during this time. Many moving companies also offer packing services, such as ourselves, just in case you’ve decided that you don’t have the time and/or energy to do it alone. 

If you do partake in at least some of the packing process, here are useful tips to consider: 

Avoid Procrastinating

The packing process often takes much longer than people plan for. So, beginning several weeks before the moving date, begin packing up your stuff into boxes. If you don’t have sturdy boxes to use, our Movers in Philadelphia at Suburban Solutions can provide you with the materials you need. Trust us when we say that if you pace yourself early, you will not only be more organized, but less stressed! 

Pack Based On The Room

If the idea of packing overwhelms you, begin with only one room first. Let’s say you start with your home office. Focus on that area and don’t mix items from other rooms into it. If you combine rooms, you will have to spend extra time unpacking and figuring out where items belong. It can also be easy to forget where you packed something if everything is mixed around. 

Label Boxes Accordingly

There is perhaps nothing else more important than correctly labeling your boxes. Not only do you want to write what is inside, but what room those items should go into. In this way, our PA Movers in Philadelphia will know where to put that box when unloading your things into the new home. It’ll save you time and energy if our movers can drop boxes off in the room you’ll be unpacking them. 

Only Use Moving Boxes

Stick to using only strong boxes that are designed for moving purposes. Extra shipping boxes that were used at a retail store or grocery are not always clean, and may not hold the weight of your items. This can make your belongings vulnerable to being damaged or broken entirely if the bottom of the box falls through.

Additionally, our Movers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suggest never packing your boxes more than 50lbs each. That is the average weight that is safe for most people to carry. If you pack anything heavier, you could get injured, hindering not only the moving process but your ability to enjoy setting up at your new place. Nobody wants to nurse an injury during such a life transition! 

At Suburban Solutions, our Philadelphia, PA Movers are ready to help you get you and your belongings where they need to go, so please call today for more information!