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Many people who are moving decide to step aside and rely on moving companies in Philadelphia, PA such as Suburban Solutions, so they aren’t risking suffering from a broken bone or pulled back muscle. While an unlikely entry for most dangerous job is the professional mover, these workers do work incredibly hard when transporting belongings and furniture items. Those who are planning to relocate to their next home, can sustain a serious injury if they aren’t careful. 

To help avoid hurting yourself and landing in the doctor’s office, here we have listed the most common moving injuries and how to prevent them: 

Debilitating Back Injury

When people think of moving injuries, they often imagine twisting their back the wrong way and pulling a muscle that results in a painful zing up their spine. Moving hefty and awkwardly sized belongings can put too much pressure on the back, if proper body techniques are not utilized when picking up and carrying items. Even the slightest incorrect movement can cause a back muscle sprain that leaves a person debilitated for at least several days. In more serious cases, a person may have to nurse a herniated disc. 

Those who want to avoid such injuries must practice proper lifting strategies. Here are examples of rules that professionals at moving companies in Philadelphia keep in mind at all times, as a way to prevent injury:

  • Do not lift while bending forward
  • Use your hips and knees to squat down 
  • Keep the item you are carrying close to your center
  • Do not lift heavy objects higher than your shoulder
  • Don’t twist or turn your body while holding something heavy

The Fragile Toes and Fingers

The toes and fingers of the human body are particularly fragile when it comes to moving things. These parts are especially vulnerable to injury during moving, as fingers can get caught within doors, underneath heavy cardboard boxes filled to the brim, or from getting stepped on amidst the hustle. Toes can get broken if a person wears open-toed shoes and stubs it against a hard surface. Those who work at moving companies in PA such as Suburban Solutions, understand the importance of wearing protective foot gear. 

Dehydration and Poor Energy

During the move, a person is likely to have a moment where they feel completely drained of energy. Hydration may be running low and perhaps they haven’t had a meal all day, but they still have a decent number of items to move. In a rush to get things done, a person may ignore the body signs that they are in need of rest and replenishment. If you realize you have taken on too much, you can always stop and contact Philadelphia moving companies in PA for assistance. 

On the moving day, keep snacks and water handy so you and anyone else assisting with the move can take a break before proceeding. If you don’t refill your energy, you could ultimately pass out and injure yourself further. 

Other Pulled Muscles

Besides the back, there are other muscles that can get sprained when moving, including the arms and legs. What makes muscles more easily sprained is when they aren’t used to being put through the strenuous work associated with picking and hauling boxes. Professional movers can get hurt too, but since they help people move on a regular basis their muscles are more attuned to the routine. 

During this exciting move, the last thing you may want to deal with is a serious, painful, and expensive injury. There is nothing wrong with saying you’d rather have moving companies in Philadelphia, PA like Suburban Solutions step in to do the work for you — so please contact us today for a free quote!