Moving Companies Washington DC

There are endless moving companies Washington DC has to offer, but none that will offer you the quality care and customer service of Suburban Solutions. Our staff works tirelessly to make sure your moving experience is painless and simple. Whether you are moving a few pieces or your entire home, the help of professional moving companies Washington DC residents rely on can give you peace of mind that your valuables and keepsakes are in good hands.

Long Distance? No Problem!

Our highly-trained staff are experienced in exactly what it takes to safeguard your items while in transit. We understand how difficult it is to relocate and want to do everything we can to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. We do something that most other moving companies in Washington DC do not. We partner with moving companies all over the country to get your items where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible. No distance is too far! We can help you to get your belongings to places like Chicago, Boston, and Florida in just two days, some locations even overnight! When looking through moving companies Washington DC trusts, Suburban Solutions is at the top of the list providing you with excellent customer service to work with any moving requests you may have. Are you a college student getting ready to pack for college? Read more about our Tips For College Students.

Staying Local?

From first apartment hunters to those starting a family, Suburban Solutions will help to move your belongings with the care and safety as if they were our own. We emphasize what other moving companies Washington DC offers do not: simplicity! We will pick up your items, pack them with care, and get them moving with speed and efficiency so you can move on. Our mission is to eliminate your stress and worry about moving, we will even work around your schedule. Moving really can be that simple!

Are you looking for one of the trustworthy, experienced moving companies Washington DC residents recommend? If so, why not turn to Suburban Solutions for effective and efficient moving services. Our local crew lives and works in the community. They know the roads, the routes, and the best way to move your belongings fast, safely, and at an affordable price. Now is the time to put your mind at ease in knowing you have discovered Washington DC movers of choice. Call us now to discuss your move and we’ll provide you with a quote as well as any answers to your questions.

Places We Move To

Whether you are moving into a larger family home or downsizing into something a little bit more cozy, we can help. Perhaps you are a business relocating to new space or maybe you are relocating across the country, regardless of what you need, you can feel confident in knowing that no job is too big or too small for our movers. Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Apartment moves
    • Home moves
    • Office moves
    • Local moves
    • Commercial moves
    • Residential moves
    • Pick up/delivery services
    • Packing/unpacking
    • Junk removal
    • Long distance moves
  • Cleaning

Moving Checklist

Suburban Solutions has helped thousands of people who are looking for a reliable, professional, and experienced moving company. If you are in the beginning stages of moving, but it’s not exactly the big day, you might want to review this useful moving checklist.

Six Weeks Before You Move

    • Make an inventory of what you need to move.
    • Separate items you will give away to charity or sell and those that you will keep.
    • Determine whether or not you will need to store anything. If so, consider a self-storage facility near you new place of living.
  • If you are relocating for a new job, ask your employer about what moving expenses they will cover.

Four Weeks Before You Move

    • Begin to notify important people/companies that you will be moving. If possible, give them your new address.
    • Contact utility companies to begin the process of getting back any deposit or refund and set turn off dates (if needed).
    • Drain out any oil or gas in serviced power mowers, boats, and other recreational vehicles.
    • If you are moving to a new district, get your children’s school records and medical records
    • Start using your stored food.
    • Give away or arrange for transportation of your houseplants, or ask your moving company if they will move them (this is not always available).
  • Locate one of Washington DC reliable moving companies and schedule the move date with them.

One Week Before You Move

    • Inform your bank or credit union that you will be moving. They may require you to fill out different forms or change your address.
    • Complete a post office change of address form.
    • Make another inventory of large items including furniture.
    • Get rid of combustible items (i.e. spray paint).
    • Separate items you will bring with you from those that will be moved by the moving company.
    • Make space in at least one room for packers and movers to work freely from.
    • Cancel any services (i.e. lawn care, newspapers, etc.).
    • Check and double check everything.
  • Confirm your move with the moving company.

How Does It Work?

On the day of your move, your crew leader will give you a call before arrival to let you know what time they will be there. Upon arrival, the entire crew will walk through room by room to ensure they know exactly what will and will not be moved that day, an important process that most moving companies Washington DC has do not offer. You do not need to worry about larger items and pieces of furniture. We will disassemble them for you and pack them with the utmost care. All items will be wrapped in protective blankets and shrink wrap before they are even put on the truck. Once all items have been secured on the truck, we will perform another walk through to ensure nothing was missed. We surpass other Washington DC moving companies in efficiency and care because even after we reach your new home, we don’t stop there! We will place your items wherever you would like them to go so that you can relax and have everything ready to enjoy your new home.

If you’re looking at moving companies Washington DC trusts, Suburban Solutions will treat your belongings as if they were our own and will help you move with the speed and efficiency you deserve. Call 301-928-8669 today for a quote and find out Who is the Best Moving Company in Washington DC?

How do I hire a quality moving company?

Each year in the U.S. millions of people will move homes. Hiring a quality moving company is a must. If you’re unsure about how to hire a quality moving company, consider these tips:

Ask for a Moving Inventory

Most quality moving companies in Washington, DC will either ask you for an inventory of your belongings, or come out to your house to do an inventory on their own. This will help the company to determine the bulk and weight of the move; thereby, providing you with an accurate quote.

Make Sure an On-Site Inventory is Thorough

If the moving company will be doing an on-site inventory, make sure that they do a thorough job. They should not rush through your home without asking questions or checking out the garage to see what is inside. Be prepared to let them know about anything you are leaving behind, donating, or is considered to be junk removal.

Don’t Pay Everything Up Front

Good moving companies in Washington, DC won’t insist that  you pay in cash, or up front. You should make a deposit, and the rest should be paid upon the delivery.

Check the Companies Credentials

Some DC moving companies operate under multiple names. To avoid a potential scam, make sure the company has a real address, proper license, and is ensured. Their employees should answer the phone properly, and their trucks should be branded.

Look For Reviews

Do an online search for reviews of the moving company. If nothing comes up, then you might want to look elsewhere. The same would apply if you only find bad reviews.

Check for Extra Fees

Depending on the circumstances of your move, there could be extra fees. For example, if the following apply to your move, be sure to confirm any additional fees:

  • You have a multi-story house
  • You are moving from a 12th story apartment
  • There are no elevators in your multi-level building
  • The truck won’t fit on your street
  • You require special hours for the move

Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

If you are given a piece of paper that has very little information about the move, and told it’s your contract, you should not sign it. A good, reputable moving company should provide you with a contract that details the estimate, extra fees, pick up and delivery dates, and all other important information. Be sure to read the contract and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Report Any Problems

If something happened during the move, for example your favorite lamp was broken, you should report the problem as soon as possible. A good moving company should have insurance which may cover some or all of the cost of the lamp.

Review the Insurance Policy

If your moving company does not have insurance, or does not offer it, you should look elsewhere. Although you might not ever use the insurance coverage, it can give you peace of mind in knowing your belongings are insured.

How to Protect Yourself From Injury During the Move

During the moving process, there are so many things to consider. Due to how much preparation goes into relocating, people may forget about the risk for injury on the big moving day. An injury can quickly arise with the slightest wrong movement or improper lifting, especially if there is plenty of rushing around. Many people choose to hire a professional moving company to do the lifting and transporting for them instead. In this way, the person relocating doesn’t have to worry as much about an injury and can focus on other aspects of the move.

Q: How can a back injury happen while moving?

The back is such a huge component to the human body, and is an area we rely on to perform even the simplest of tasks. Back injuries can arise easily while pushing, pulling, and carrying belongings out to the moving truck. It is essential that a person who is in the midst of moving uses the correct form no matter how much of a rush they are in. It is best to squat close to the ground and use your knees and leg muscles to lift. When lifting, keep your back straight and do not bend over at the waist.

Q: What if there’s an item I cannot move myself?

Do not be in too much of a hurry to use common sense. If an item is too heavy, know your limits and don’t overexert yourself. Worst case scenario, if you are unable to move something you can call your nearest moving company so professionals can come out to assist you. Professional movers also often have equipment readily available that is both easier and safer to use when loading bulky items into the truck. If you are really short on time, consider hiring a moving company to do the packing, loading, and transporting for you. While it may be an extra cost, the last thing you want is to get injured in the middle of moving.

Q: Should I be worried about protecting my hands and feet?

Hands, fingers, and toes are particularly vulnerable to breaks and bruises, so it is highly recommended that you wear closed-toed shoes and gloves while moving. Dropping a box or other item on your unprotected toes can result in a trip to the emergency room. To lessen the chances of taking a tumble, clear the pathways from each room that lead outside to the moving truck. Communicate with those who are helping you too, to prevent running into each other.

Q: What can I do to protect my knees?

Aside from the back, knee injuries are perhaps the second most common area to get hurt in the middle of a move. Those who want to take extra precaution or have weaker knees, can use knee braces or pads. If you try to carry items that are too heavy for you, it applies unnecessary strain to your knees. If you need help, don’t be too embarrassed to ask another person for assistance, including the professionals at Suburban Solutions.

Five Things to Do On Moving Day

Moving takes a lot careful organizing and planning. In fact, you will be taking steps to prepare for your move on the very day you move. At Suburban Solutions, as a Washington DC moving company we know stressful this can be. For that reason we have provided tips on how to have a successful moving day:

1.Don’t Sleep In

Even if you have scheduled your move for later in the day, you should still wake up early. This will give you enough time to do any last-minute packing and organizing and reduce a lot of stress. Moving companies Washington DC locals recommend such as Suburban Solutions will make every effort to be on time.

2. Check to See If You Forgot to Pack Any Items

If you have a lot of belongings, it’s easy to miss some things when you are packing. On the day of your move, take some time to look in your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms to see if you forgot to pack any items. Among the moving companies Washington DC homeowners choose, Suburban Solutions is one of the few who offers packing services in addition to moving services. Ask us about this if it’s something you’re interested in knowing more about.

3. Give Instructions to Your Movers

When your movers arrive, give them a tour of your place. Let them know which boxes contain fragile items so that they handle them carefully. Also, tell them which furniture pieces you need disassembled. Suburban Solutions is one of the few moving companies in Washington DC who is happy to move oversized, particularly heavy, and fragile items such as large couches and pianos.

4. Do a Final Sweep of Your Home

Before you leave your home for your new place, take a final look around to make sure everything is clean. You might have to take the garbage out or do some last-minute dusting. Among the moving companies Washington DC renters turn to, Suburban Solutions is one of the few that offers cleaning services for our clients. Give us a call to find out more.

5. Unpack Your Essential Items

Once the movers have unloaded the last box, it’s time to relax. However, you should at least unpack the essentials you will need that night and the next morning, like toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. Then, just sit back, order some food, and begin enjoying your new home.

At Suburban Solutions, we realized how stressful of an ordeal moving is and want to do everything we can to simplify the process for you. Our movers are experienced and reliable and will have your items moved to your new home in an efficient manner. With dedicated movers on your side, you will feel less stressed. If you want to learn more information about our services, we encourage you to give us a call at 301-928-8669 to talk to one of the best moving companies Washington DC offers.

Client Review

“Moved locally from Pikesville, MD to Hampden area. Had a lot of stuff, but they were super responsive, efficient and professional from first contact to me shaking their hands and waving goodbye. Was a three-person crew and all three seemed like they had done it all and knew what they were doing at every point. Very personable and friendly on top!”
Pete M.
Client Review