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Moving company Bucks County, PA

Moving company Bucks County Moving company Bucks County

Here at Suburban Solutions, our moving company in Bucks County understands that getting ready for a big move can be exciting, yet fill a person with apprehension. The idea of hauling all of their belongings into a truck and then transporting them to the new place only to have to unpack again, is enough to exhaust most people. The average person who doesn’t move boxes all day throughout the week, probably isn’t accustomed to the physical toll it takes. That is why a person may turn to us at Suburban Solutions, so a moving company in PA can do the heavy work instead!

Here are five tips that we may recommend to those making a big move, as a way to help prevent sustaining a serious injury: 

#1 Pack Boxes with Care

Fight the temptation to fill your boxes to the brim, in an attempt to have less boxes to move later. It’ll actually make the loading step much harder, because you’ll have heavier boxes to haul. It is suggested that boxes are not packed so full that they exceed 50 lbs. It may be better to just buy the additional boxes you need and hire a Bucks County moving company, than risk picking up a box that is too heavy for you and enduring sheer pain from pulling a back muscle. 

#2 Lift Boxes with Your Knees

Most of us have heard the rules of proper lifting. However, the professionals at our Pennsylvania moving company cannot emphasize enough how important it is to lift with your knees and not your back. Move slowly and be aware of your body positioning so you don’t hurt yourself along the way. Other recommendations for proper body movements when moving include:

  • Stretching beforehand, to loosen your muscles
  • Never lean over a box when picking it up
  • Don’t lift a box that is just a bit over your capacity
  • When carrying items hold closer to your core, as this is your center of gravity
  • Don’t carry anything above your shoulder level

#3 Dress to Stretch

They say to wear comfortable clothes when moving. And while this is certainly true, this doesn’t mean to wear loose clothing that it gets caught on the edges of boxes and door corners. Think comfortable in the sense of you can stretch and have plenty of flexibility when moving, like work out clothes!

#4 Rest Up Every Few Hours

Take frequent breaks throughout the moving day, particularly during hot days. If you aren’t used to such physically demanding labor like moving, it is imperative that you rest when needed. Have a light snack, drink plenty of fluids, and even nap if your body needs it. If you’re halfway through the move and can’t muster the energy to keep going, don’t be afraid to call Suburban Solutions, our dedicated moving company in Bucks County, PA. 

#5 Let Professionals Take Over

In the end, many people may simply prefer hiring professionals to do the moving for them. A moving company can provide the needed tools and equipment to get the troublesome items out safely. But for others, they may want to save money by doing the bulk of the labor themselves. However, if you reach a point in the moving process where you just can’t move something safely, it may be best to contact our moving company in Bucks County called Suburban Solutions to take over!