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How do I know if I should hire movers, and how should I prepare for the move?

Do-it-yourself moving is fine for some people; however, it is not realistic for many people who have a houseful of belongings, limited time, and limited packing skills. In addition, the risk of getting hurt from lifting and carrying heavy boxes is not worth it for them. If you would like to talk with a specialist from Suburban Solutions about our comprehensive moving services, call us.

When you’re trying to decide whether or not you should hire a moving company in Bucks County, take into consideration the following:

  • Do you have heavy items?
  • Would you like help with packing, loading, and unloading, or just certain of these tasks?
  • Do have you fragile or awkward shaped items that need to be specially boxed?
  • Do you need to move cars, boats, or other vehicles?
  • Do you lack the time needed to pack and move your belongings?
  • Are you moving across or out of state?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to hire a moving company in Bucks County. At Suburban Solutions, we offer a number of services that you can choose from. These include:

  • Loading and unloading only
  • Packing, loading, and unloading
  • Unpacking
  • In house moving
  • Cleaning

Once you have decided that you need a moving company in Bucks County, call Suburban Solutions to explain your needs and receive a complimentary quote. Keep in mind that April through July is a busy time of the year for people moving. If you’re moving around this time, you should reserve your booking as far in advance as possible.

Tips to Prepare for Your Move

1. If you have packed your belongings, you may want to place notes, tags, or stickers on any items/boxes that the moving company in Bucks County should load. It’s helpful to list the box’s contents and to which room it should be taken.

2. Unless you have asked the moving company in Bucks County to pack and prepare your belongings, you may need to do so on your own. Make sure you do the following:

  • Defrost your freezer and refrigerator if you will be moving them.
  • Drain the washing machine if you will be moving it.
  • Remove flammable materials/liquids from lawn equipment, machinery, grills, etc.
  • Turn off the gas line if you use gas and will move any gas appliances.
  • Unplug any appliances that you will be moving.

3. Make a safe and wide path through your home and garage. This should be large enough that furniture can be moved through with ease. Make sure there is nothing in the way that could cause a slip and fall accident or poke someone.

4. Confirm that your housing association allows moving trucks to park in the area that you have designated. Also make sure there is room for the truck and that they will not block any driveways, roads, fire hydrants, and so forth.

5. If children or pets will be on site, find a comfortable, safe place for them to occupy their time. For safety reasons, this should be away from the movers.

6. If you have any special instructions for the moving company in Bucks County, make an effort to let them know beforehand.

Would You Like a Free Estimate for Your Move?

To learn more about our comprehensive moving services, or to discuss further questions, please call us today.

If you’re planning on moving, one of the most important things you can do is look for a moving company Bucks County families trust. At Suburban Solutions, we aim to make your move as simple and stress-free as possible. Individuals and families often have different needs when they’re moving homes, and for this reason, we offer several types of moving services.

Local Moving

Even if you’re just moving a few minutes across town, there’s no reason why you have to do it all by yourself. Our local moving services are fast and dependable, and we can customize our crew sizes to meet your needs. Whether you need a couple helping hands or a whole team of crew members, Suburban Solutions is a top moving company Bucks County residents depend on. For local moving services, our local pricing is based on a truck fee and on labor costs.

Long Distance Moving

If you’re planning on a bigger change of scenery, hiring a Long Island moving company can definitely be an advantage. Moving across state lines can be very complicated, but our moving services help make the process just a little bit simpler. Our crews undergo multi-day training sessions so they are prepared to transport and protect your personal belongings during the trip. No matter where you’re moving, our team is capable of getting your items there safely and quickly.

Sub-Solv Express Moving

As an experienced moving company Bucks County can provide, Suburban Solutions understands that moving within a big city involves its own unique challenges. We also know that if you’re moving a small apartment, there’s no reason you should have to pay the same rates as someone who is moving out of a five bedroom house. Our express moving service in Bucks County and Washington DC gives you lightning-fast service and quality customer care.

Labor-Only Services

Many people want the convenience of transporting their own boxes, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of packing all those boxes. Our labor-only services give you more flexibility while still helping you with the most time-consuming part of moving. You won’t have to pay for any truck fees, and if you choose to rent your own truck, we’ll even load your boxes for you. Some might say that this labor-only service takes business away from us, but we believe that giving options to our customers only strengthens our reputation as a dependable moving company in Bucks County.

Commercial Moving

If your business is moving locations, you’ll definitely want to have a trusted moving service on your side! Our crews are just as capable of moving an entire office as they are moving residential items. When local businesses need help relocating, we can assist in every step along the way.

Find a Moving Company Bucks County Has To Offer

When you’re getting ready to move, don’t forget to look for a dependable and local moving company that can make the process easier. At Suburban Solutions, we’re proud to offer such an essential service to Bucks County families and businesses. For more information, or to request a quote from a top moving company Bucks County residents can trust, call us today at 1-888-SUB-SOLV.