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Moving Company in Bucks County, PA

Moving Company Bucks County, PA Moving Company Bucks County, PA

There is no doubt about it- moving your home is easily one of the most stressful experiences, which is why many people turn to Suburban Solutions, a moving company in Bucks County, PA. No matter how organized you are, there always seems to be some little detail that needs to be handled. In addition to the endless tasks associated with moving, it can be physically exhausting. 

Despite the burden of moving, many people choose to do it themselves while soliciting help from friends and neighbors, maybe even coworkers. Hiring a moving service may feel ridiculous at first, but there are some affordable options available that just may make your life easier and may prevent personal injury litigation.

Various Moving Service Options

Our Bucks County, PA moving company offers different levels of service. The levels vary from moving selected pieces like furniture and appliances to packing, moving, and unpacking the entire home. There are a variety of options in between. It is worth looking into the cost differences in order to determine what would be most helpful and affordable for your time and budget. 

In hiring professionals at Suburban Solutions to handle the heavy lifting, you will be able to focus on the more tedious details that are inherent in any move. In addition to better use of your time and maintaining sanity, you will not have to call in any favors from friends. The truth is, very few people if any, enjoy moving.

The Truth to Personal Injury Risks

Unfortunately, moving requires every heavy object to be moved twice- out of the old home and then into the new home. There are often stairs involved as well as narrow doorways to negotiate. The people doing the hard work are likely friends and family members and not professional movers. They may not be as careful as they should. Not only could the furniture become damaged, but there is a lot of potential for physical injury that can occur when lifting and moving heavy objects incorrectly. 

There are numerous ways one can acquire a strain, sprain or break that could result 

in hefty medical bills. When those medical bills are too much, some folks might look into a personal injury lawsuit. By hiring our moving company in PA, you can avoid the potential risk of someone you care about getting seriously hurt and having to pay for their medical bills.

Common injuries that can lead to expensive medical bills and loss of income include:

  • Torn ligaments in the knees- this is common with improper lifting and can lead to expensive diagnostic procedures such as MRIs as well as surgery and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Broken bones- it is not uncommon for heavy objects to fall on feet or hands. Slip and fall incidents are a common cause for broken bones.
  • Herniated discs in the back- this can happen from trying to balance an awkward item, twisting while lifting or falling while carrying something heavy

How a Moving Company Can Prevent Litigation

If someone you know is helping you move and lifts a heavy object incorrectly, there is likely no case that can be brought against you because they weren’t using proper body mechanics when picking up the item. However, if someone slips on wet ground while carrying a heavy object or a precariously perched object falls on the person causing injury, then there may be necessary to look further into who might be at fault. Not only may you have to deal with personal injury litigation filed by a friend, but you may also feel devastated to have a tarnished relationship too. 

In our eyes, it can be worth the investment to hire a moving company in Bucks County, so you can avoid any risk of a loved one getting severely hurt by doing a favor. We encourage those who plan on moving to consider the risks involved with having well-intentioned loved ones help instead of the professionals. 

Please contact us at Suburban Solutions about booking a moving company in Bucks County, PA for your upcoming relocation!