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7 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

You may be searching for a moving company Washington DC renters trust because no matter how many times you’ve done it in the past, moving can be quite stressful. It’s a time-consuming process and can leave you feeling frazzled at the end of the day. If you hire a NYC moving company such as Suburban Solutions to help you, it can make the process a little easier. Also, avoid making these common mistakes when moving:

1. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Pack: Very few people enjoy packing, so they wait until the last minute to do it. This can actually lead to more stress. You will feel rushed to finish your packing in a short amount of time and may become frustrated. To avoid this, pack your belongings about a week ahead of time. It’s also good to advance schedule a move with a moving company Washington DC residents choose.

2. Packing Items You Don’t Use: It’s likely that there are at least a few items in your house that you don’t use anymore. For example, there are probably some pieces of clothing in your closet that you haven’t worn in over a year. Instead of packing these items, consider selling them at a garage sale or giving them away to charity. Ridding yourself of items you have no use for will save you money and time during the moving process.

3. Skimping on Bubble Wrap: When it’s time to pack vases and other fragile items, be sure to wrap them with bubble wrap. Taking the extra time to do this will prevent your precious belongings from getting damaged during the move. As a moving company Washington DC families turn to in stressful times, let us know if you would like us to wrap your items for you.

4. Not Checking References for Moving Companies: You shouldn’t hire just any moving company to move your items. It’s important to do thorough reference checks before agreeing to work with a moving company. When you call a moving company’s references, ask them if they were satisfied with the services and if they would use their services again in the future. We are proud to be a moving company Washington DC locals recommend.

5. Failing to Schedule Your Move in Advance: Moving companies can get booked quickly, especially in the summertime. That’s why it is important to schedule your move at least a few weeks ahead of time. If you try to contact a moving company just days before your move, they might be all booked up.

6. Not Getting Adequate Insurance: Even if a moving company in Washington DC has employees who are skilled and cautious, items can still break during a move. That’s why you should purchase insurance. When speaking to a moving company, do not forget to ask questions about their insurance options to ensure you get adequate coverage.

7. Not Boarding Your Pets: If you have pets, they can get in the way when you are trying to move. Consider boarding them so that they will stay safe while you complete your move.

If you avoid making these common mistakes, you can make your move that much easier. At Suburban Solutions, we understand how overwhelming moving can be and want to assist you. You can count on our experienced movers to be at your house on time and move your items in an efficient manner.

If you want to learn more about our services, we encourage you to call us at 1-888-SUB-SOLV to find out what a moving company Washington DC offers can do for you.