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Moving Company Near Philadelphia, PA

Moving Company Near Philadelphia, PA Moving Company Near Philadelphia, PA

If you are in the Philadelphia area, you may be looking for a moving company near Philadelphia, PA. When a family is moving, it is often a good time to go through all their belongings and decide what is needed and what can be disposed of. Many families take the items that they no longer need and do not want to bring to their new home and have a yard sale. Yard sales not only provide a way to dispose of these items, but you can also make families a few extra dollars to help offset some of the expense you may have from moving.

If you have never had a yard sale before, you may not realize how important it is to be organized in order for it to be successful. Suburban Solutions, a moving company near Philadelphia, PA, has seen many clients use yard sales before their big move to help with costs. The following is a good checklists to follow in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.

One Month Before Your Yard Sale

  • Pick a date to have your yard sale. Saturday mornings are usually the best day/time of the week.
  • If you live in a community, a moving company near Philadelphia, PA recommends you check with the homeowner’s association to see if/what the rules are for yard sales and if there are any restrictions.
  • Check to see if there are any local regulations the town or city you live in have.
  • Go through your items and decide what you want to sell, creating an inventory list.
  • Gather what you will use for display tables for the items you are planning on selling.

A Week Before Your Yard Sale

  • A moving company Philadelphia PA relies on encourages you to go through your inventory and group like items together, such as household items, books, etc. Decide what your asking price will be for each item. It can be helpful if you ask the same price for the same items. For example, if you have a lot of paperback books, organizing them together with a sign that says “All of the paperbacks are $1.00 each” (or whatever price you decide) makes it easier for shoppers. Also, keep in mind that the people who come to your yard sale will be paying in cash, so it is much easier to have items priced as simply as possible. When you are deciding prices, remember that most yard sale goers are looking for a bargain and will also be looking to haggle to get a lower price.
  • Get stickers to be used as price tags. Shoppers do not want to have to ask you what the price is on every item they are looking at. Not having price tags could cause you to lose sales.
  • Make sure to advertise your yard sale in as many places as possible. Publications like craigslist, your local Patch, Facebook community groups in your area, community bulletin boards, and flyers around the neighborhood can be used.
  • Check all the items for sale to make sure they will look good on display. Dust items that may have been stored away for a while, wipe down furniture, and check to see if clothes need to be washed.

The Day Before Your Yard sale

  • Go to the bank to get cash. Make sure to have plenty of smaller bills on hand to give back to shoppers who need change.
  • Make sure you have enough supplies, such as tables and boxes you might need for displays. Many people also have bags available that shoppers can use to put their purchases in.
  • Decide how everything will be set up, where tables, displays, clothes racks, and furniture will be. Keep everything neat and orderly. If all the items are haphazard, it tends to turn shoppers off.

The Day of Your Yard Sale

  • Get everything set up early. No matter what time you put at the start of your yard sale, you can almost always count on early bird arrivals.
  • Place signs along your street that direct people who are out and about to your home. Think about adding balloons to the front of your house to really catch potential shoppers’ eyes.

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