Moving Company Philadelphia PA

Local Moves

Moving Company Philadelphia PAEven if you’re moving a short distance, we know you still want to work with a moving company in Philadelphia PA that will treat your belongings with care. Suburban Solutions coordinates local moves with skill and safety, and with enough speed to complete two or three moves within the course of a day. We will be sure to do a walk-through with you prior to moving your furniture and home items, we take care when disassembling larger pieces, and we’ll place everything right where you would like it in your new home.

Long Distance Moves

Long-distance moves can be challenging and may require a great deal of preparation. We know what is required for moves of this nature, and we can serve as a moving company Philadelphia PA trusts for efficient relocations between states. Our staff members who perform long-distance moves all go through multiple days of training, so when it comes time for your move, they know how to prepare your home, protect your belongings, and properly pack and transport each item.

Commercial Moves

Relocating offices or industrial locations? We’re equipped to manage a move of any size from one office to another. We can help you with your commercial move so you and your staff can keep doing the work you do best. After you call us for help with a commercial move, we may provide you and your company with a free estimate and survey for the relocation process. You can trust that when you work with Suburban Solutions, you will be teaming up with a moving company that businesses know they can rely upon to get them up and running in their new offices and industrial locations quickly and carefully.

Sub-Solv Express

City-to-city moves have unique needs. Suburban Solutions has a same-day service for studio and one-bedroom apartment dwellers called Sub-Solv Express which specializes in these kinds of moves and direct deliveries. Because we are a moving company that Philadelphia PA residents know will transport their belongings to the DC and NY areas quickly, we offer reasonable rates and short routes for this service.

Tips for Long Distance Moving

When you’re preparing for a big long distance move, you should take some time to plan and prepare. In doing so you can reduce stress and increase the chances of an effective, hassle-free move.

Suburban Solutions has handled thousands of long distance moves since 2010. Our experience has allowed us the gain a lot of knowledge over the years, and now we’d like to share some of our top tips for long distance moving. Hopefully these will help to make the process a little bit easier for you, whether you’re moving to or from Philadelphia PA.

1. Create a checklist. When you’re planning a long distance move, you’ll find that there are many tasks to complete. Between 2 and 3 months before the move, start a list of everything you need to do. This will help you to keep track of everything and ensure nothing, or at the least, very little, is forgotten.

2. Have the right packing materials. If you are packing belongings on your own, make sure you have the right boxes and protective supplies. These should be of a good quality and able to withstand heavy and fragile items. If you’re not sure how to pack, or will lack the time to do so, consider a moving company like Suburban Solutions. We can provide you with materials so you can pack up your belongings yourself, or we can come to your home/office and do all the work for you.

3. Color coordinate. Give every room in your house a color and create labels that match. While packing, group items into color coded boxes so you know where to put these boxes upon arrival.

4. Pack drawer items into bags. Place any light drawer items into plastic bags. This can be especially useful for kitchen utensils, bathroom items, and bedside table belongings.

5. Avoid packing perishable items. Moving company trucks are generally not temperature-controlled which means perishable food can break down. Food items that are opened, frozen, refrigerated, or fresh should be consumed before moving. Dried herbs, canned goods, and pantry items are usually okay to be moved.

6. Make a kids box. If you’re moving with children, create a small box with items that you might need/want during the move or upon arrival.  This box could include toys, a nightlight, clothing, a favorite blanket, and so forth. You can do the same thing for any pets. Be sure you don’t pack the box into the moving truck.

7. Pack an essential items box. As soon as you arrive to your new home, there will be things you might need to access quickly. This box should be packed in a place where it can be unloaded first. Some items to include in this box might be simple tools, toilet/tissue paper, a flashlight, all purpose cleaner, hand soap, sanitizer, disposable plates and cutlery, simple medications, and so forth.

8. Organize junk/donation items. If you have items that you no longer want or use, ask the moving company about their junk and donation services. At Suburban Solutions, our Junk Hauling team can show up at your door in Philadelphia PA and haul away any items you don’t wish to keep. We donate everything we can to Goodwill stores because we’re dedicated to helping our local communities as much as possible.

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