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Moving Company Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Moving Company Philadelphia PA Moving Company Philadelphia PA

As a moving company in Philadelphia, PA our team at Suburban Solutions understands that there can be a lot of excitement when it comes to moving from one living space or workspace to another. Change is often exhilarating and loaded with possibilities. With that sense of excitement, comes a tremendous amount of work. Moving requires organization, planning and a lot of hard work both physically and mentally. There are important aspects to moving that are worth considering as the date draws near, such as the best way to move the big stuff!

Common Moving Injuries

There is no doubt that moving heavy objects such as furniture, boxes and appliances can be physically exhausting. More than that, however, it can be dangerous. There is great risk for injury to tendons, ligaments, muscles and even bones. Very often, injury can occur from handling objects that are too heavy for the individual. 

Another common moving mistake is working oneself to exhaustion. In trying to just get the move done, many individuals make poor decisions such as improperly loading a dolly where the item could fall off or carrying far too much weight. In picking up, carrying and putting a heavy object down, the back and knees are most vulnerable in each step of the moving process. 

The prognosis for damage to the knees or back is often expensive diagnostic procedures, such as MRIs, surgery and physical therapy. By hiring our moving company in Pennsylvania, you can avoid a trip to the emergency room.  

The Knee

Soft tissue damage in the knees such as a torn ligament, damage to a tendon or torn meniscus are common injuries with sports and heavy lifting. While some minor knee injuries will heal on their own with careful diligence, other, more severe injuries require surgery and/or physical therapy.

The Back

Back pain after a big move is a common complaint. Some people simply have a sore back that feels better after a few days. Other people may sustain an injury during moving, that then requires professionals from our Philadelphia moving company Suburban Solutions to take over and finish the job. A herniated disc in the lower back is probably the most common of the more serious injuries after moving heavy objects. The injury can be caused by lifting too much or twisting in an awkward way while carrying a heavy object.  

Physical Therapy

Whether the injury is in the back or knee, the individual will likely be referred to physical therapy. This type of therapy may be the primary treatment or as a rehabilitative step post-surgery. In either case, the physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan based on the initial consultation. The healing process can take several weeks to several months depending on the severity of the injury and the individual’s commitment to the treatment plan. 

Here at Suburban Solutions, our Philadelphia, PA moving company professionals can imagine how much of a damper a moving injury can put on your finances and ability to enjoy your new life after the big move. 

The Benefits of Using a Moving Service

In an effort to avoid injury to you and anyone helping you move, it is worth looking into moving services in your area. There are many different options with different associated costs. Moving services can help with just the bigger items or the entire home or office. After doing some research, you just may realize that hiring our moving company in Philadelphia, PA at Suburban Solutions is worth every penny (your friends and family will likely feel a sense of relief as well)!