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Moving Service Bucks County PA

Moving Service Bucks County PA Moving Service Bucks County PA

Steps To Take if Your Movers Are Late

Moving day can take weeks or even months of preparation. Packing up both large and small items may require stacks of boxes and even the disassembly of larger furniture, such as desks. When the day arrives, you may feel anxious, excited, or even frightened that something may go wrong, such as what might happen if your Bucks County, Pennsylvania moving service company do not show up. If this should happen, it is important to avoid panicking and knowing which steps to take next.

  1. Contact the Company

 Even the most professional of moving service company in Bucks County PA might run into trouble when its movers head to your location. Traffic and weather delays are usually the most common reasons movers do not arrive at the appointed time, but contacting the company is likely the best way to find out the problem. If traffic is an issue, allow the movers some extra time to arrive. You can always check your box labels in the meantime to ensure they are correct.

  1. Refer To Your Contract

If you believe your Buck County PA moving service company is late, it is a good idea to check the contract you signed with the company. Some arrival times may be estimated or there could be a clause that gives the workers an arrival window. For example, if the contract states the movers will arrive between 10 a.m. and noon, they might show closer to noon. Having an attorney look over the contract with you before you sign it may help you understand the fine print.

  1. Call the Company Manager or Regional Office

 After the time window passes and there is still no sign of your Movers Bucks County, PA offers, it is time to call the regional office. You can likely find a toll-free number and speak to a customer care agent about your dilemma. If you are contracted with a local company that has no larger office, ask to speak to the manager or owner and explain the situation. There may have been a miscommunication about the time frame, but if the error occurred due to negligence, you may want to consider legal recourse if the company cannot or will not cooperate.

  1. Contact an Attorney

 A delay in moving can affect other aspects of your relocation, such as the start of a job or moving into a new home. If the moving company refuses to take responsibility for lost wages or your wasted time, you may want to contact a lawyer and talk about filing a claim. You may even be able to discuss your case with no obligation to gauge whether you have a clear means to sue.

Experiencing delays during moving day can be frustrating. However, working with a moving service Bucks County PA residents recommend can help avoid avoidable frustrations. Contact Suburban Solutions today to find out how we can help make your move as stress-free as possible.