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Moving Service Washington DC

Moving Company Washington DC

Moving Service Washington DC

If you are moving, you should seek the help of a moving service in Washington DC like Suburban Solutions. When you move, you’ll find yourself having to make a countless number of decisions. For example, which house to buy, which furniture to keep, how to tell the children, and so forth. Add in the choice of whether or not you should move yourself or hire a moving company and you might feel overwhelmed before you’ve even pulled out the boxes.

What is the difference between moving myself and hiring a moving service in Washington DC?

As a moving company, we would like to help you make a sound decision on which is right for you: move yourself or hire a Washington DC moving company.

The Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself

  • Pro – You Control the Move – When you move on your own, you get to control the moving process. This means you will buy the supplies, rent a truck, and pack everything up. Committing yourself to this process will give you more flexibility to when you begin to move and you’ll also control the loading and unloading process.
  • Pro – You Could Save Money – If you have a tight budget, chances are that you will move on your own. A few ways to save money include borrowing a truck from a friend, moving everything in your own vehicle, or renting a moving truck for the day.
  • Pro – Pack the Way You Want – Moving on your own will mean you won’t have to perfectly pack up your belongings. You can pack in anyway you want so as to get everything in the truck on moving day.
  • Con – There Will Be Heavy Lifting – Unless you have a lot of strong friends who can help you, you will have to manage to move everything on your own. Lifting multiple boxes and heavy items is not easy, especially when staircases are involved. If you don’t have the experience, you risk scratching up the walls and floors or even a back or joint injury. If you’re planning on moving anything over a 1 bedroom apartment on your own, this could be a challenge without a moving service in Washington DC.
  • Con – The Coordination  – Coordinating a move on your own will take some time and effort. Not only do you need to figure out how to get everything from Point A to Point B, but you will also have to rent a truck, load a truck, and unload a truck in the proper way. A moving company Washington DC trusts can help you with this.
  • Con – Unexpected Occurrences – What happens when you accidentally get your couch stuck in the door? Or, how will you get your mattress down the newly installed staircase? Without certain tools, you might find yourself in trouble.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

  • Pro – Everything is Done For You – By hiring a Washington DC moving service like Suburban Solutions, all the hard work will be done by professionals. You won’t have to worry about any of the above, including driving a big truck!
  • Pro – Less Stress – Overall hiring a moving company can ease up the stress, save time, and a lot of moving hours.
  • Cons – You Pay For It – You will have to pay for a moving company. However, many people find the cost is worth the time, stress, and hassle saved, especially when it means your items are not damaged.
  • Cons – Less Flexibility – From the date you schedule the moving company, it will be difficult to change the time. Furthermore, you will likely need to schedule them at least a few weeks in advance. However, this can also ease stress as it is one less thing for your to be concerned about.

To speak with a Washington DC moving service, call Suburban Solutions now.  

Client Review

“I used them for a local move. The booking process was a breeze. My crew was on time and they were amazing to work with. They moved our 4 bedroom house with ease. They were super professional and if my wife didn’t like something in the original place they were happy to move it to another room. Big shout out to Josh, Vic, Will and Joe. You guys made my move as unstressful as it could of been.”
Timmy C..
Client Review