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Suburban Solutions is a King of Prussia, PA packers and movers company that provides local moving services for families, individuals, businesses, schools, and more. We can help ease the stressful process of moving, and are dedicated to doing so for each and every client. Since starting up our business, we have grown substantially — but we are no less service oriented than when we began. Because many of our moving specialists have lived in this community for years, we have deep ties to the area.

We are familiar with our city and how best to navigate the roadways and avoid potential traffic delays. Our movers are also experienced with nearly any kind of moving scenario, from apartments to houses to offices to storage units and much more. Whether you need to move across town or move items from one room to another, contact our packers and movers in King of Prussia, PA at Suburban Solutions today!

Suburban Solutions Offers a Wide Range of Local Moving Services

Not every move is the same, as distances vary along with the nature of the cargo. Whether it’s for a family, an individual, or a company, we can offer assistance. Not every moving company is suitable for every type of move. Our packers and movers in King of Prussia offer more types of moving services than many companies in the Pennsylvania area.

When contacting moving companies, asking the right questions can provide you with the information that you need to make the best choice for your needs. What follows is some general information that may assist you in this process, though we encourage you to contact our moving company in Philadelphia, PA with questions and a free price quote.

Local Move

A local move is one that is in-state and only involves a short distance between the two locations. Even if the distance is only a few miles, but it crosses the state line and goes outside of Pennsylvania, it would not be considered a local move. Not only does Suburban Solutions provide local moving services, we also move goods from one apartment to another within the same building. On occasion, we also move goods from one room of a home to another room. This is particularly common when it’s a large and fragile item such as a piano, and it’s imperative that it be handled by professional movers.

Intrastate Move

A move that is within the state but is of a longer distance, is considered an intrastate move. Suburban Solutions regularly moves goods between locations that are located a great distance away from one another.

Interstate Move

When goods are moved across a state line into a neighboring state (or states), it is an interstate move. Some moving companies refer to this as a long distance move and in the majority of cases, it involves a distance of hundreds, if not thousands of miles. Because of federal trucking laws, interstate moves can be more complicated. Our  PA packers and movers in King of Prussia understand the nuances of interstate moves, so contact us if you would like a price quote.

To learn more about why you can count on our Pennsylvania packers and movers, contact Suburban Solutions today for more information and a free quote.