Packers and Movers Springfield, PA

Packers and Movers Springfield, PAThe packers and movers in Springfield, PA from Suburban Solutions know that moving is tough. If you are getting ready to move, then you may not know where to start. When it comes to buying a new home, filing paperwork, and packing everything you own into boxes, it is easy to get overwhelmed!

To ensure your moving process goes by smoothly, our moving company Philadelphia, PA trusts explains some moving process FAQs to help you!

When should I contact a moving company?

Generally speaking, it is always good to give your Springfield, PA packers and movers as much notice as possible so they can prepare adequately. However, if you are moving relatively fast, six weeks is a good timeframe to keep in mind.

Is there a right time to move?

Depending on your situation, there may never be a right time to move! But, if costs are a big factor for you, know that the spring and summer seasons are the busiest times for moving companies and subsequently their prices will be quite high. Contact our packers and movers Springfield, PA residents recommend for more information about prices. 

Is having a consultation by a relocation specialist necessary?

Yes! Before even being able to get a quote, your moving company will send a relocation specialist to your home to survey your possessions. They will look at everything you are moving, estimate the weight of all the items and how much room they’ll take on a truck, determine how many Springfield, PA packers and movers you will need, and give you a broad quote.

It is important that you help the relocation specialist accurately see everything in your home. This means showing them every single room you own, including your attic, crawlspace, and shed, and making sure these rooms are free from clutter. These rooms tend to look larger than they really are, which can cause your estimate to be higher than it actually is.

What is a bill of lading?

The bill of lading is the receipt of your goods and the binding contract between you and the moving company. It is what you can expect to receive the day of your move and is quite important so if you haven’t been given it, make sure to ask! This document is an incredibly important part of the moving process as it will specify what the movers promised to do for you. 

Is there a huge difference between the non-binding and binding agreements?

The non-binding agreement is simply a quote. It will take into consideration the amount of property you have, the physical labor involved, and how long the move will take. Whereas the binding agreement will be a set-in-stone agreement of exactly what to expect from the reliable packers and movers in Springfield, PA and how much you can expect to pay. In addition, this contract is much more specific than the non-binding estimate.

We hope that by answering your frequently asked questions about moving, that your experience will run smoothly. If you need help moving, our company would love to help. Call Suburban Solutions today to see what our packers and movers in Springfield, Pennsylvania can do for you!