Packing and Moving Company Wayne, PA Packing and Moving Company Wayne, PA

Suburban Solutions is a packing and moving company in Wayne, PA that offers various services related to moving. We know that when planning for a move, often the emphasis is on what must be done, but there are also considerations such as what must not be done. This is true for planning as well as during the move, and we can provide you with the guidance you need.

We are a Pennsylvania moving company that has served the community for many years. Our PA packing and moving company take pride in what we do, and our strong referral rate is a testament to this.

Regardless of the nature of your upcoming move, whether it will be across town or across the country, and no matter how many items you need to move, there are some things that are consistent in terms of what you should not do:

  • Do not call just any moving company from out of the phone book. At Suburban Solutions we are happy to provide testimonials from previous customers.

  • Do not hire just any moving company. Experience matters, skill matters, and the proper use of equipment matters. Our Wayne, PA packing and moving company professionals are thoroughly trained moving specialists who can provide the tools needed to do the job properly.

  • Do not wait until the last minute to choose a moving company. Most may not be able to accommodate you because of their busy schedule, and this may force you to use a sub-par moving company that could result in significant damage to your possessions. We suggest contacting our packing and moving company in PA as soon as you know that you are relocating.

  • Do not pack boxes without regard to protecting the contents. Fragile items should be placed in sturdy boxes with at least one inch of protective material all the way around the box. Acceptable materials include biodegradable “peanuts”, crumpled newspapers, or dish towels as examples. Gently stuffing the openings of fragile items with protective material can help to absorb vibrations that might otherwise cause damage.

    If you don’t have these materials, our moving company in Philadelphia, PA offers packing services to customers on request.

  • Do not underestimate the work involved in cleaning your current home after you remove your possessions. When dust bunnies and other cosmetic issues that were previously undetected are suddenly obvious and need to be removed, Suburban Solutions moving specialists can perform the cleaning that needs to be done.

  • Do not underestimate the work involved in unpacking your possessions after they arrive at your new location. We offer unpacking services and can get started the same day you arrive at your new home. 

Suburban Solutions Comes Prepared for Every Move

Suburban Solutions has a variety of moving trucks that we use, matching a customer’s needs with the right-sized vehicle, number of moving specialists, and moving equipment. To safeguard our customers’ possessions, our vehicles are equipped with heavy duty cargo straps, and we use moving pads as well as stretch wrap to secure possessions even before they are loaded into the truck. In addition, our specialists protect the customer’s hardwood floors, railings, banisters, doors, carpet, and other surfaces during the move to prevent damage.

Despite our years of experience, highly trained staff, and sophisticated moving equipment, our company is competitively priced. We also offer custom pricing so that you only pay for what you need. Give our Pennsylvania packing and moving company Suburban Solutions a call to receive a free price quote!