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If it is time for your elderly loved one (be it a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle) to move into an assisted living facility, we recommend reaching out to our packing and moving company in West Chester, PA called Suburban Solutions for support. By hiring our team, you can focus on comforting your loved one leading up and on the big moving day. We understand this may be a sensitive time for your family, and can help take the stress off of moving. Some tasks that you may have to take on during this include:

  • Organizing your loved ones belongings
  • Packing their belongings
  • Getting rid of things they don’t need
  • Storing items they will not have room for
  • Offering emotional support to them

If you need some help with this, consider our Pennsylvania packing and moving company in West Chester. To learn more about Suburban Solutions and our moving services, don’t hesitate to call. 

Get Some Help from Friends and Family

If you are reading this, then you are likely one of the primary caregivers of your elder. That said, there might be a few people you can call upon for some extra help. By turning to friends or family members, your elderly loved one can feel reassured in knowing that everything will be okay. Not only will this help involve physical assistance, but it can provide added emotional support. 

Reach Out to the Assisted Care Home

In the event of your loved one struggling with the thought of moving into a care home, you can always let the facility know ahead of time so they can offer support in however they can. Most of these establishments have coordinators who understand these situations and can help everyone with the process. There might also be resources available.

If there are multiple levels at the facility, or you have large items, you might also want to talk to the coordinator about whether our moving company in Philadelphia, PA will have to dock at a loading station or use a special elevator. Finally, don’t forget to ask about the moving hours. This will be important for us to know so we aren’t causing interruptions to the facility. 

Help Your Elder Loved One to Downsize

Most likely there will be decades worth of stuff in the house. When your elder is moving into a single room at a nursing home, there must be downsizing. Chances are, it will be up to you to make this happen. You should consider starting this process well in advance. If possible, make your loved one a part of it and be patient. Ask them what they would like to get rid of and what they want to keep. If they struggle with this process, give them some time.

You can always let your loved one know that you will be glad to store some items at a storage facility or your own home. If you need some items moved to storage, our West Chester packing and moving company can help. 

Be Ready for Moving Day

Before the professionals from our packing and moving company in PA arrive at your home, make sure you are ready. If you chose to pack, everything should be in boxes, sealed, and labeled. Anything that we need to take as part of the junk removal service should be separated or labeled. 

Consider Whether You Want Your Loved One to Be There

Prior to the day the movers arrive, think about whether you want your loved one to be there. Sometimes, it is easier for families to move their elderly loved one into the facility first so they can get comfortable while you focus on the move.

If you need moving services during this time, please contact our packing and moving company in West Chester, Pennsylvania called Suburban Solutions as soon as possible for a free quote.