Residential Junk Removal

Residential Junk RemovalStatistics show that people are living longer. This means that the number of senior citizens increases each year. As people grow older, it may be harder for them to keep up with a larger home. Not only is the amount of physical space they have in their home too much to keep up with, it just is often more house than they need any more. But having the talk with your parents about downsizing, addressing residential junk removal, and possibly more into an assisted living facility or nursing home can be a difficult one, especially if the event precipitating the talk was some kind of health crisis for the parent.

This time of life can also be difficult for seniors because it is not uncommon for the roles to be reversed. Instead of the senior doing the “parenting,” they come to rely on their adult children more and more. It can be difficult for some parents to accept this change in life, along with all of the other changes they may be dealing with, so it is important for adult children to keep this in mind when talking with their parents about moving.

How Do I Know if It’s Time for My Parents to Move from Their Home?

There are certain changes in behaviors that can indicate that a senior should no longer be left alone in their home. Some of the more common include:

  • They can no longer drive or have limited modes of transportation available to them.
  • They have problems climbing or coming downstairs.
  • They are having difficulty with preparing or eating nutritious means.
  • They have a hard time keeping track of their medications.
  • Household chores and maintenance are becoming overwhelming for the parent.
  • They are isolated or lonely.
  • They are having a hard time keeping track and paying bills, often leaving piles of mail unopened.

Once you have made the decision to talk to your parents about moving, it is important to use the right approach. The last thing you want them to do is to feel they are being attacked. It is important to assure your parents that you are their ally and you will get through this new chapter in life together. Ideally, if you have adult siblings, they should also join you when talking to your parents about moving and downsizing, as well as dealing with residential junk removal.

Call a Residential Junk removal Company for Help

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