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Rarely does anyone actually find pure enjoyment moving during a divorce, which is why we our storage and moving company in Media, PA called Suburban Solutions is often called to help. Not only does a person have to deal with an abundance of legal-related issues, but now they may need to relocate to another home and start a new life. For some, separating from their husband or wife can bring up pure anguish. It is understandable to be heartbroken if you are divorcing from someone you planned to be with for your entire life.

Rest assured, there are ways to help minimize the pain you may be feeling during the move after divorce, such as hiring our storage and moving company in Media, Pennsylvania for support.

Let the Small Stuff Go

During your legal battle amidst divorce, it can be easy to fight over who keeps what, particularly when it comes to property and other valuable items. However, keep yourself focused on your own personal future. Ask yourself if you really need certain items, or are subconsciously being fussy just to get back at your ex. To save some of your emotional energy during the divorce and move, let the small stuff go. Of course, it is understandable to dispute over the big items. But, spending too much time fighting over who keeps the microwave or toaster truly isn’t worth it.

To help our Media, PA storage and moving company professionals know which items are yours and which are your ex’s, we suggest marking them with a brightly colored post-it note or paper so it is easily identifiable. 

Label Boxes Early

Be organized as you pack up your boxes, and start early. Do not put yourself through the added and unnecessary stress by waiting until the night before to shove your stuff in boxes. If you lack the time and energy to do this yourself, our storage and moving company in PA offers packing services. Additionally, label your cardboard boxes based on what room those items are going into (not the items themselves), so we know exactly where to drop them when unloading. 

Focus on Decorating New Home

Many of your belongings are probably items acquired during the marriage. Do not wear yourself down by bringing these memories to the new place. If you are too overwhelmed with grief to sort through marriage photographs and memorabilia, you can place these items in their own box to be stored away until you feel strong enough to revisit them.

Our Pennsylvania storage and moving company professionals at Suburban Solutions are also happy to move these sensitive items to a storage facility if you aren’t sure what to do with them yet. By focusing on decorating your home how you so wish with new furnishings, it can help you feel like there is more of a clean slate from the separation. 

Avoid Negativity on Moving Day

If you are going through a particularly turbulent divorce in which you want zero interaction with your former spouse, consider hiring our moving company in Philadelphia, PA. Confrontations can surely happen, but may be avoidable with less direct contact. Or even better yet, make the moving experience as positive as you can by scheduling your move-out time when you know your former spouse will be at work or out for the day. You can get your things out quicker and more efficiently if you have a team of movers from Suburban Solutions bustling around, versus tackling it all by yourself. 

Please know that you are in good hands if you decide to hire our moving company. If you’d like to find out more about our PA storage and moving company in Media or get a free estimate, then call Suburban Solutions right now!