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As the professionals at our storage and moving company in Springfield, PA Suburban Solutions understands, moving tends to bring up stress and anxiety about life changes. Moving out due to a marriage ending can ramp up these negative feelings about the future. A former spouse may have to plan not only for relocation, but meeting the emotional needs of shared children, attending mediation, and perhaps enduring a grueling custody battle too.

It can surely add salt to the wound to have to pack up and load up your things in front of your former husband or wife. A strategic way to avoid face-to-face interactions with your ex is to hire our storage and moving company in Springfield do to this hauling for you. 

The professionals at our moving company in Philadelphia, PA have listed some tips on how to make the process less agonizing and more graceful for yourself, and everyone else involved: 

Engage Your Children When Moving

Having your children sit by as you pack up box after box can be emotionally painful for all of you. Engage your children during the moving process by asking them to sort through toys, see who can pack boxes and fastest, and even permit them to color and draw on already packaged up cardboard boxes. This can help keep them occupied as you pack up, and also serves as a little bit of a distraction to the reality of the divorce.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do

A person going through divorce may already have their spare time filled up with legal appointments, mediation, court sessions, and paperwork filings. There may not be enough time in your schedule to pack up belongings and haul out your furniture items. Be realistic about how much time you have, and hire our storage and moving company in PA if you need assistance. Using a service such as Suburban Solutions can give you a spare day or more to attend to other moving or divorce related responsibilities. We can provide help from start to finish, including packing, loading, transporting, and unloading belongings into the new home. 

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

If you have the time and energy, consider going through your things as you are boxing them up. Have three separate piles: one for trash, one for keep, and one for donate. This can give you a sense of a clean slate as you begin a new life in another home after divorce. If you aren’t sure whether to keep special items that you acquired during your marriage, perhaps keep them in a separate box for now. If you throw away sentimental items in haste, you may regret it later if you make peace with the divorce later on.

If you want to place certain items into storage temporarily, don’t hesitate to contact our Springfield storage and moving company for help. We are experienced in moving all sorts of items to various locations, including storage facilities. 

Recruit Friends and Family to Help

Your loved ones are probably expecting to jump in at a moment’s notice to be of support during your divorce and relocation. You can recruit family and friends for moving help. But, they may be relieved to find out that you hired professional movers from Suburban Solutions instead, which alleviates them from participating in this physically demanding duty. We also have handy equipment to get those bulky items out of your house safely, including refrigerators, washing machines, dressers, entertainment stations, tables, chairs, and artwork.

If you need support moving after divorce or another major life event, please call Suburban Solutions, your local storage and moving company in Springfield, Pennsylvania for more information!