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How to Pack Up Your Kitchen for a Big Move

One of the hardest rooms in a home, or studio, to pack up for a move is the kitchen. There is just so much to pack and many of these items have odd shapes that can be challenging to safely pack. These items can be sharp or fragile and trying to get everything organized can be difficult if you don’t have a plan in place before you start. The following tips from our studio apartment moving company in  Philadelphia, PA can help.

Organization: Getting organized before you begin is key. The first thing to do is to go through your kitchen and pull out items that you no longer want or need. Doing this in the kitchen is much harder than doing it for other rooms because there are just so many items to go through in the kitchen. Take the items that you no longer want and donate to family, friends, or local second-hand stores that raise money for charity. You can even contact soup kitchens or food banks to see if they can use the items.

Get Your Packing Supplies: You will need many heavy-duty boxes in multiple sizes. As a leading studio apartment moving company Philadelphia, PA residents can count on, we can supply all of your needs. Packing paper (or newspaper), packing tape, and markers for labeling should also be available. Many people like to use bubble and plastic wrap to help protect the most fragile items. It can be difficult to determine just how much packing supplies you will need. Typically, for a family kitchen, you will need approximately three extra-large boxes, five large boxes, ten medium boxes, and five small boxes. You will also need about three rolls of packing paper. For packing up a small studio, you might need ½ to ⅓ of these supplies. 

Determine the Essentials: You will likely not be able to pack the entire kitchen up because there will be some essential items you will need to use during the time you pack and the time you move. Figure out which items you will need, such as a set of flatware, plate, and cup/glass for every family member. You will also need items to do dishes with, such as a sponge and dish liquid, as well as the items you use every day, such as your coffeemaker. Your essential items can all be packed separately the day of your move. This will also be helpful because you will have your essential items right at hand on the day you move. If you own any large kitchen appliances, be sure to turn them off completely. Your studio apartment moving company in Philadelphia, PA can assist with this process. 

Appliances: If you have the original boxes for your appliances, you can use those. If not, pack them up securely in the boxes you have for packing. Make sure to fill any spaces and gaps in the boxes without packing paper to limit any shifting around and risk of damage. If you will be moving your large appliances, make sure to unplug, drain and remove hoses, and tape all the doors for the moving company.

Flatware and Utensils: The easiest way to pack flatware is to wrap the items up in plastic wrap, right around the tray you store them in. Add  extra utensils on top and place all in a box. When it comes to packing knives, roll each knife in packing paper and then wrap a dish towel around it, securing it with an elastic. Knives should always be packed on their side.

Glassware: Glasses should be wrapped in packing paper and placed in boxes using the special dividers that will separate each glass. Do not put anything on top of the glasses since the extra weight can cause the glasses to break. As a moving company Philadelphia, PA community members prefer, we would advise you to be extra careful during this process, and to make sure you know what you are doing.

Plates and Bowls: If the plates and bowls are breakable, wrap each item in packing paper and then stack one on top of each other. If they are not breakable, then just placing a piece of packing paper between each one should be sufficient. Wrap each stack using the plastic wrap to keep the stacks together.

Pots and Pans: Use a large box to stack the pots and pans with smaller ones, placing a piece of packing paper between each one. Stuff other paper around the items to keep them secure during the move. Glass covers and lids should be wrapped in packing paper and placed either in a separate box or between the pots.

Food Items: Spices can all be safely stored in a small box, using packing paper for protection. If you have food items that have not expired but you do not want, donate them to the local food pantry. Make sure the items you are taking are all well-closed and sealed and pack them in canvas grocery bags or a medium box. You want to make sure the box is not too big or else it could be too heavy to lift. Perishables can be transported the day of the move using a cooler.

If you are ready to move your studio, give a studio apartment moving company in Philadelphia, PA, like Suburban Solutions, a call to learn more.